Our children were dying . . . Felipe’s mom, Gloria, remembers what life was like before World Vision — before there were any sponsors for children in her community in rural Guatemala. “I remember my community [was] full of illnesses. Our children were dying. And we did not have opportunities to change our lives. “I did not have the opportunity to study,” she adds. “I [only] finished the third grade; my parents could not afford my school supplies.” Like any mother, Gloria wished for a different future for her son. Now, with the help of Felipe’s sponsor, her dream is becoming reality. “I am in grade six,” says Felipe, his face breaking into a wide smile. “My favorite subject is music, and I love to play the drum.” Felipe attends school from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. In the afternoon he does his homework and helps his mother gather wood. “What I want is to finish school and get graduated,” he says. Education is a child’s best opportunity to break the cycle of poverty — and for Felipe, it’s a door that’s been opened, thanks to the love and support of his sponsor, Jackie. “She always writes to me,” Felipe says. “She sends me cards and gifts for my birthday, and she always cares about me. She is part of us.” Felipe’s mom could not agree more. “With the support of Felipe’s sponsor, the lives of my children are different,” she says. “Our life has improved … I can see the change in the health of my family—and many other families.” For about $1 a day, you can help provide a child like Felipe with access to life’s most basic necessities — things like nutritious food, education, clean water, health care, and economic opportunities for their caregivers. Change a life. Sponsor a child today. Visit www.worldvision.org/helpachild.