Last weekend I had the chance to be a part of the Influence Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is hosted by the awesome ladies of the Influence Network. The Network is a community of creative women dedicated to sharing the Gospel and making much of Jesus online, through faith-filled blogging and social media use. The conference is a time for Christian women to gather to build relationships, learn strategy, grow, and be encouraged in faith.

As a brand-new blogger and first time conference attendee, I really did not know what to expect when I arrived.  I knew I was attending alone and would not know anyone once I arrived.  I am definitely a people person who LOVES connecting with like-minded women who are doing wonderful things.  But it was just that!  These women I was going to meet were doing awesome, ambitious things to the glory of God.  Then there was me.  It’s all too easy to feel like a nobody, especially when surrounded by sparkly, beautiful women who all seemed to know plenty of other women already.  However, I was grateful to be reminded in the workshops of TRUTH I attended, that was merely one of the lies that the father of lies would have me believe.

There is ALWAYS room for more of His daughters.  Especially of all places, at a Christian women’s conference.  Every single woman created by the Lord has her own sparkle, Her own shine.  We are not to look for our value in the external things of this world like the labels it stamps on us.  We ARE the value!  This was a much-needed reminder for me because as a world-class “people person,” I often fall into the trap of attributing too much meaning and importance to what others think of me.  What they see when they look at me.  The people around me are so important to me that I find myself wanting to be so important to them too.

Lord help me to find my contentment in you alone!  Let it be my connection with my Creator that sustains me, not my connection with friends, old or new!

 If you have ever found yourself looking and longing for community such as the one that is The Influence Network, but have been unsure or scared for any reason, may I encourage you to step out on faith?  I was blessed more than I could have hoped or imagined by this fruitful time at The Influence Conference and I encourage you think, pray, and learn more here:

And if you were there and we had the opportunity to meet, thank you for your time and your sweet words of encouragement!  I was blessed to meet many wonderful women I hope to continue to do life with whether in person at conference, over coffee at a virtual coffee date, or whatever else the Lord may have planned!

May the Lord bless & hold you close, sweet sister!