Live Free Photography is just my little space on this blog to share my love of pictures that I find meaningful either on a personal level OR pictures that I have taken in a volunteer capacity for ministries & organizations close to my heart, that I would like to share here with my readers. From time to time, I will be sharing some of my fun with photography not only because it is a hobby and passion of mine, but also because I feel so blessed to have the camera that I do to better preserve life’s special moments. And ladies, I don’t want to keep it just for myself! Right from when I held my very first DSLR (that I had wanted for as long as I could remember), I truly felt this was a gift given to me, that was meant to be shared… I knew God had blessed me with a camera like that for a reason! That is why I have since gotten involved with a few local ministries that needed some help with photography to better expand their reach…. to allow for more people to know of their presence and their needs. All that is to say, there will likely be a sampling of those pictures shared here, to do more of the same… to further expand the reach of a few local ministries that many of my local readers may not be aware of. For now, I am starting with sharing a few images I have taken this fall which convey but a tiny slice of the beauty found in God’s bountiful creation. Happy Fall, Y’all!