So I want to share a just-for-fun post brought to you by two inspirations from my last week… I heard from a few friends that they were reading along here, which I hadn’t yet realized.  I knew I had told them about this blog, but didn’t take for granted they were actually reading.  Shout out — Terri, Karen, Wendi & Barb!  : ) Then I saw the little get-to-know-you game that was going around facebook last week, (and I’m a sucker for anything that facilitates getting to know more people faster)!

I loved reading everyone’s answers and learning many things I may not have known about them.  So these two happenings in my last week really filled my “community cup” – I am a people person but don’t always spend the kind of time connecting with others that I would like to. So I thought it would be fun to share my answers to the get-to-know-you-game I participated in on facebook, and then ask you to share about yourselves in seven little ways too! (or less, if need be) ; )

This is a win-win because then I will get to know more about anyone reading along here AND through your responses, I will have a better idea who IS reading! My hope is for this space at She Lives Free to be a dialogue between many, not a monologue from me : )

So, here are 7 random things about me.

1. I was once a part of a local, live TV show with friends, that was comprised of enough episodes, that we all were left with much to laugh and reminisce about. Fun stuff!
2. I sometimes over-committ and then under-deliver, so that is something I’m working on. It’s hard because there are just so many things I want to be able to do!

3. On that note, Yoga, rollerblading, tennis, canoeing, hiking, traveling are all things I’m crazy about but rarely do. Someday!

4. I met my husband in 6th grade but didn’t begin to see him as potentially significant to me as more than a friend until we were close to the end of our high school years. He is now my best friend and favorite person on this planet!

5. Riding in a convertible with the top down, dancing at a zumba class, connecting with people, and giving back in the community around me are some of my very favorite things to do.

6. I love hot weather, spending time in the sunshine makes me feel alive & sooo happy & I love everything about being at the beach…. Can you guess where I hope to live someday?

7. I completed a bachelors and almost two masters degrees and STILL didn’t end up in just what I would now if I had it to do over again. Turns out the jobs I’m most interested in usually are designed for someone with a social work degree. Years ago, I never would have guessed how much I would love working in foster care/family life coaching. Let’s just call me a life-long learner (!?!)

Now, it’s your turn!  In the comments, below, share a few things about yourself I and others may or may not know, just for fun!

I know from first-hand experience, it’s easier to read a blog and just move on to the next one or move on to the next thing you are going to do — I often find myself doing exactly that!  But if you have the time, please play along — let’s develop some community here !

Looking forward to getting to know more about those of you I already know, and really looking forward to learning about those who have found this blog that I haven’t gotten to know yet!