I am absolutely loving keeping a gratitude journal this month.  This is the kind of thing I have always meant to do and have almost never gotten around to actually doing.  Something about meeting an intentional goal alongside others doing the same, really provides accountability and fun to a people person like myself.  So yes, I have done this to participate in a link-up, but the experience has already blessed me and I think it will be a blessing in the future to look back and see the lists I have made in journal form.  Thinking I may just keep this gratitude journal going past the month of November!  This week I am thankful for:

So friends, are you joining us in the Thankful Thursday challenge this month?  Doing so can look completely different for each of us. What matters is that we take time to look for the blessings bestowed on us, even if they seem hidden right now. So whether you join us in counting your blessings in your head or on paper, I hope you all take steps to allow the gift of gratitude to come alive in your hearts this month. 

This is the perfect segue into December as we  set our hearts on Christ by anticipating His coming!  He came for us as a baby in a manger… and He is coming again soon!  Let us prepare our hearts with thankfulness for the coming season of Advent as we reflect on the finished work on the cross.  

You are enough.  It is finished.  No striving will ever replace what Jesus has already done for you. Remember that today and be grateful.