Today I decided to join with many others around the globe in choosing a word for the New Year.  If you’re not familiar with the practice, it’s akin to connecting with a theme or message that feels meaningful, relevant, and timely for your life.
If this is something you’ve thought about doing, but have wondered how to do it, you may find this advice helpful as I did, “Listen to the strains of your own story, softly rippling through your soul.  Search the pages, scratch your pencil on the lines and uncover which word radiates within you and calls you to a deeper drenching of God’s heart upon yours.”
Courtesy of Compassion International

This is something I have never taken the time to do before and have never discussed with anyone I know.  But as God continues to show me what it looks like to step into the Me that He wants Me to become, I have discovered the intentionality this involves makes all the difference!

This morning I read a mega inspiring #2014GoalSetting post from Lara Casey and it just went from there!  I continued to think and reflect on the blank, clean canvas of the almost-upon-us New Year throughout the day today.

Yes!  Let’s do those things because life is too beautiful and short not to and tomorrow is not promised to us!  The first paragraph of Lara Casey’s above-linked blog post is conveying a message that has hit home for me in the most recent months and years of my life.  My hope is to live life’s moments to the fullest, wherever I am to be ALL there.
So as I thought about what word to choose to speak and pray over the days ahead in 2014, it was at first a challenge.  I decided to narrow it down from Bold, Alive, or Intentional.  But then!  I read Romans 8:1-2, “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you FREE from the law of sin and death.” (Emphasis Mine)  🙂 Yep, I knew Free was the word God had for me to focus on in 2014. Somehow it seemed to summarize each of the other three words I’d thought about & yet so much more!

I hope to continue the dialogue here in the New Year of what it means to live free in Him who gave us life.

Have you chosen a word for the coming year?  If so, what’s your word for 2014?Linking up today with
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Look around for more ideas to speak inspiration into your New Year.
Happy Holidays Friends!