Happy New Year!

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”  Emerson was always one of my favorite authors, but I especially love that quote because it’s encouragement rings true in that I know attitude & outlook mean so much.  We can actually approach each day of the rest of our lives with the same excitement and anticipation of a fresh start with which we typically approach a new year.

Below are my hopes and dreams for this new year.  I will also hope to remember to re-cap my progress on this list here on the blog, at the end of 2014 😉

1.) In 2014, I want to grow in my intention, meaning, and purpose for this blog. God has given me this space for a reason and I hope to make the most of it.  My biggest dream for She Lives Free, right now on 1/1/14 is to start what I’d like to call Make A Difference Mondays. I am prayerfully exploring details of what that may look like.
2.) I aspire for more spontaneity, adventure, surprises, and overall sparkly living this year. I would love to surprise my hubby with a weekend getaway and surprise the kids with at least one fun day-trip this year.
3.) I loved my time working in foster care until August of this year.  After spending a large majority of my free time on this blog since then, I hope to soon dedicate some of that time into finding a similar part time job.  I find myself humbled and gripped by the stories of orphans in need and the parents with impossibly big hearts who love them.  I’d love to help the two be joined in forever families.

4.) I would love to publish a children’s book or even children’s book series in 2014.  This is something I have thought about for a long time and I recently have begun to envision exactly what this may look like.  Hoping this is the year for it!

5.) I’d love to read each of the books on my reading list for 2014 at a minimum.  I also plan to read a few other books with friends and in various book groups throughout the year.

6.) I want to work on my consistency in studying scripture, spending time with God in prayer, and learning with other Christian women around the world at my favorite devotional, She Reads Truth.

7.) Finally, I want to stay connected with my word of the year for 2014. I chose to prayerfully focus on the word FREE rather than making specific resolutions.  This year, I plan to blog about what it looks like as I explore the freedom God has blessed me with, as I trust in Him.  If you are in the process of choosing or have chosen a word for 2014 and would like to check out an additional resource I found today, visit One Word 365 to link up blog posts, find others who have chosen the same word that you have, and more!  


What’s your bucket list for 2014 look like?  Share a few of your dreams & goals below in the comments section!