Once the holiday season has drawn to a close, we all may be feeling a bit spent and ready to focus on ourselves again after spending the month of December thinking of and shopping for so many people in our lives. Some of us even spent time volunteering in the community in the weeks leading up to Christmas, as it seems like the thing to do in the “most wonderful time of the year”.

We are usually happy to spread the Christmas cheer… but what happens once the holiday season has come and gone? Though volunteerism tends to spike in December, it will oftentimes wane in January at a time when people in our community still very much need us to share our time and talents. The wonderful thing is it costs us nothing but our time to bless others in any number of ways, big and small!

There are many deserving organizations right in our own backyard doing very worthy work to help our neighbors in need. Check out just three local selections of volunteer opportunities that abound in Miamisburg:

One Bistro, 110 South Second St. Miamisburg, 937­859­1165 www.onebistro.org
One Bistro serves healthy affordable meals to those in the community who are privileged and under­privileged. Those interested can volunteer to help as staff and assist in providing meals to people in need. Volunteers should be 16 years of age, although families who wish to serve
together may have younger children help out with adult supervision.

SouthBrook Christian Church, 9095 Washington Church Road Miamisburg, Ohio (937) 435­9966 ext. 166
www.southbrook.org, cancerhope@southbrook.org
Cancer. Statistics tell us that one in two men and one in three women will get cancer at some point during their lifetime. It’s a disease that impacts each of us in some way, either personally or because often you know someone who has been diagnosed. Cancer Hope offers hope, support, service and love to those struggling with cancer by being the hands and feet of Jesus. The ministry has over 260 volunteers and is currently supporting more than 120 survivors and their families across the country. Cancer Hope is seeking volunteers with a passion to reach out to those with cancer through: mentoring, cooking, cleaning, sewing, transportation, praying, and more. There are many opportunities to use your time and talents. Cancer Hope offers: Prayer throughout treatment, Cards and notes of encouragement, Meals, Partnership with a prayer partner or cancer mentor to
provide support, Items of hope and comfort—prayer shawls, trinity cloths, hats, tote bags, pillows, Care bags with educational information about community resources and support, As a faith-based support system, Cancer Hope offers the services below to ANYONE, living ANYWHERE dealing with the impact of cancer. If you or someone you know is struggling and would like more information, please email email: (cancerhope@southbrook.org).

Because of God’s Grace (Bogg) Ministries, P.O. Box 316 Miamisburg, 937-435-6181 Extension #174
www.thebogg.org baldjason@thebogg.org or biggjason@thebogg.org
BOGG is a non­profit organization that was started to help provide the people of Miamisburg, Ohio and the greater Dayton area, with food, clothing, and other essentials to sustain a healthy lifestyle, and to love people so they know that God loves them. Bogg wants to come alongside people offering loving support and
assistance with social, emotional, and physical needs. Bogg’s goal is to bring the church out into the world, and not to be restricted to a building. They believe it’s time for local churches to unite and become the expression of God’s love to those who are hurting and need it most. Sharing love to people in these communities to demonstrate God’s love, Bogg offers loving support and assistance with social, emotional and physical needs. This ministry’s innovative mission is to reach outside the restrictions of a building and bring the church out into the world.

Visit local blog, www.shelivesfree.com for more volunteering and advocacy ideas.

*Re-printed with permission from Miamisburg Life*