Are you feeling the Valentine spirit yet? I see this sweet day that comes but once a year as all in good fun. Like a true girly-girl, for me it is as good a reason as any to dress up, love on the dear ones in my life, and some years, even dig into some V-Day crafting. But whether you think cupid is stupid or Valentines Day just feels hard this year, (I understand!), I hope you may find some crafty inspiration here for a project you can easily do with items you already have around the house.
*Spoiler alert: you can make a paper bag book any time of the year, this one just happens to be valentines themed*

Making a paper bag book is a whole lot like making a smashbook. If that means absolutely nothing to you, check out THIS. Just like smash-booking, creating a paper bag book is basically a free for all of anything goes fun for all ages. There are no rules, no judgements – just you exercising your artistic license. Feel free to color outside the lines! Welcome to your happy place 😉

On that note, I am merely going to point you in the right direction to get started as this super-simple project is of the short and sweet variety.

Step one:
Gather your supplies. For us, this consisted of: paper bags,  a tape runner, stapler, washi tape, scissors, glitter, stickers, stamps, inkpads, construction paper and cardstock, white paper doilies, flowers, a stencil, and a paper cutter.

Step two:
Fold and staple several paper bags together so that the edges line up and it forms into a “book.”

Step three: Create!
Remember, anything goes!! 🙂

Doll it up // Dress it down // Liven it up // Loosen it up //

Whatever you do, just have fun making the most of what you have. I hope you create sweet memories while documenting still yet more memories! And I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, no matter how you spend it! All my love to each & every one of you! XOXO