So just for fun, I decided to jump on the friday favorites bloggers bandwagon 😉

Many bloggers share a list of favorites on fridays in hopes of inspiring friends with some ideas on helpful products, captivating reads, and random other favorites. I always liked reading through these posts full of good ideas that I usually hadn’t heard about yet and I hope you can find the same here! At times I may share favorite things that happened by friday of that week, links, blog posts, books, and any other random fun finds that I think you may enjoy. 

I won’t do this every friday, but I will when time allows and I would love it if you share a few of your favorite things too!  It could be any of the above type faves or just whatever’s making you smile, making your day, making you think – you name it! If you’re a blogger with a link to your favorites, feel free to share that in the comments too!

~ Favorite links this week ~

I definitely don’t agree with all of the ideas written in this article, but many of them I do – and overall I find this a pretty fascinating take on parenting a large family!

Who doesn’t love barbershop quartets, right? And these girls do barbershop like a BOSS!  Sooo good!

Giorgio Armani to provide clean drinking water for every ten minutes you don’t touch your phone 
So were you around when we talked about World Water Day a few days ago? Well get this! Now UNICEF has teamed up with Giorgio Armani to create an app that can sense when your phone is not being used and for every ten minutes you leave your phone alone, Armani will provide a day of clean drinking water to a child in need. How cool is that? Amazing people are out there doing amazing things in the world and we can help! In this case we can provide kids with clean water by spending more time unplugged. So stinkin’ awesome!

~ Favorite TV show ~

Dancing with the Stars! I have always loved dancing and watching dancing. Haven’t usually watched this show or many out there BUT with the recent Olympian ice dancing champs, Diana Nyad, and Candace Cameron all on the show this season – I had to watch this time! Are you watching too? It’s so fun!
~ Favorite blog post this week ~
This post is so relatable and has the perfect ending. I love it and I’m thinking you will too. Check it out!

~ Favorite Etsy find ~

The Printed Palette – I own exactly none of their creations but oh how I’d love to!

~ Favorite event of the week ~

God has knocked my socks off with how He has blessed a big project in the works coming soon to She Lives Free and I’m almost ready to fill you in on all the details!  A bunch of smart, passionate, go-getter blogger friends joined me in a Skype call this week to finalize details of how we will be getting this collective project off the ground soon.  
Stay tuned … It. Will. Be. Amazing.  
It may or may not even look a little something like this!