Are you looking forward to Spring as much as I am?  With greener grass & warmer days almost upon us, it’s a great time to start dreaming about all things Spring and gardening! So be sure to visit often as we will be talking about gardening both indoors and out, Spring and seasonal decorating and more! Today I have five ideas to share, along with related resource inspiration, as it will soon be time to go outside and garden with kids of all ages. These are the 5 things I like to do with my own kids to be ready for warm weather garden play!

Start Seeds Indoors
While you wait on those warmer days, now is a great time to plant seeds of all kinds inside that can be transplanted outside when it warms up enough. Kids love watching seeds sprout indoors because it’s just so easy to watch new growth happen before their eyes. They can press their little faces right up to the plants and easily take care of them on their own indoors. Win-win!

Read About It
Check out one of many great books out there on gardening with kids. Read together with your child! Have fun learning & be inspired to get started when it’s time to go outside and garden!


Journal your outdoor garden plans and activities

There are also many great books on nature and garden journaling. Check some out to document progress and record memories!


Plan to attract birds to your garden

Why not learn about birds who will soon be surrounding your garden? Most kids love birds and would be happy to plant accordingly to attract birds and hummingbirds in your garden!

Fly Agaric or Toadstool in the forest

Get them their own tools and dig in!
Kids always feel more invested and excited about a project when supplied with tools of their own size, for their own use. Let them try something on for size and watch them jump to put it in to use!

gnomo casetta
Looking for more ideas on gardening with kids?  You’ll love this post on How to Create a Fairy Garden with Kids  🙂  You can also check out my Garden Inspiration Pinterest board for more ideas!  What are your garden plans this year?  Are you thinking about trying anything new or different?  Share with us below!  Happy Trails to you!