This past weekend, it was as if the Lord used an awful, ugly illness to remind me of my need for rest and balance.

The tricky task of seeking balance for modern women
Why is it that I consistently cheer other women on as they pursue health and wellness – but then despite my best intentions, I live as if what is good for them isn’t good for me too? I love to see others making healthy choices as they seek balance in their lives but then I somehow forget all about that need in my own life.

I can admire the benefits & beauty I observe in balance like I would admire a shiny, sparkly ring in a store. I can hold it up to the light, examine it from all angles and see the perfect design for myself. But yet I inevitably discard the idea as quickly as I found it, as if it belonged to someone else and I was just trying it on for size.

As a creative and a dreamer, I struggle to maintain the kind of structure and routine conducive to maintaining balance. A night person by nature, it is not uncommon for me to lose sleep over (ironically enough) captivating daydreams and exciting discoveries. Or I can go to bed on time with all the best intentions, only to toss and turn all night – right along with the tossing & turning thoughts percolating in my mind. Undoubtedly, if I would consistently take more time to unwind in low light before sleeping, my sleep would be higher quality. {note to self: go ahead & remember this already}

Finding balance is often like trying to swim upstream for me – it just doesn’t come easily. What comes much more naturally to me, is soaking up every last juicy moment of each day until I’m crazy spent, daring to hope I’ll sleep like a baby and be able to do it all over again tomorrow. Optimistic to a fault? Yep that’d be me! I’m happy to say I’m feeling ready to do those things those of you do who make your health and wellness a truly high priority.

This is me admiring those of you who are doing the hard work of all that you do each day & then you still carve out time and space for rest to round out your day. This is also me reaching out to those of you who are with me in this .. so hey, you’re not alone. It’s not easy being a dreamer {wink}.

So let’s talk about it! Can you relate here? How do you find balance in your life? What do you do to save space for R&R? I *know* this is something many of us struggle with for various reasons and I’d love for us to connect and support each other in this space 🙂 Any prayer requests welcome too!