Friends! I have been looking forward to this post because there is much goodness on tap for today! Today marks six months since this blog really got up & running, and somehow became a thing. For several months prior to that, I did get my feet wet sending out copy for various advocacy and humanitarian ministries, but I had not yet added my own voice. I made that leap last October, after the pivotal opportunity I had to attend the Influence conference. That’s when I knew the Lord had this planned for me and it was time to start writing! I never could have imagined that you would come from all over the world to visit and bless me with your presence. I just want to thank you for showing up here and encouraging me with your comments! I never, ever wanted this blog to exist as a one way conversation into cyberspace. My hope has always been for two way communication in this space because truly, I want to know you and what is on your heart. I want to be an instrument for God to use this blog for purposes far beyond anything I could do or hope for on my own.

I thought it would be fun to mark this little blog’s first six months with a 1/2 year in review, top ten list style! Since I appreciate any good excuse for a celebration, naturally I then thought, this calls for a giveawaySo I have put together a collection of items from some talented and generous friends for you to enter to win – and the best part is, I get to introduce you to the talented women who are generously sponsoring this giveaway! So it may be a long one today but who doesn’t love top ten lists, giveaways and meeting new people? All that & more to be found below!  🙂
Ten of my favorite search phrases 
sending visitors to the blog
1. Love the life you have
2. Be thankful for people who help you
3. Acts of kindness day
4. The only one who can make it bearable when life is simply anything but
5. Fun crafts for girls
6. Don’t just talk Jesus walk with Jesus
7. Gifts for people who miss warm weather
8. Raising grateful kids when others get more 
9. Be thankful for everyday – we don’t know when it will be our last
10. Happy Week Ideas

Giveaway Time, read on for item descriptions!  

Sweets by the Ro started as a hobby but quickly turned into more after friends and family couldn’t get enough of owner Rokia’s decadent creations. Sweets by the Ro has quickly grown to serve many individuals through large organizations {and happens to be single-handedly run by one of the sweetest people on earth, IMHO}. 🙂

Marianne Tolosa is a studio artist and owner of White Peach Pottery. Having worked in the coffee industry for years, her favorite things to make are coffee and latte mugs, which give her a place to pour her morning cappuccino. She’s also a firm believer in using the handmade in everyday life, so almost everything she makes is functional, because pottery can be one of the easiest ways to integrate art into your routine.Marianne is a full-time extrovert, so if you like meeting new people too, or just have a question drop her a line – she’d love to get to know you!

Dear Wife: Letters from a Help Meet” is written to wives through many of the emotions they face throughout their marriages. Each letter points to God’s Word and encourages wives to look to Him when faced with emotional struggles.

  • Unfulfilled: A Help Meet’s JourneyWhere do we find fulfillment? In things, people, our spouse etc? Unfulfilled is the journey God took me through in order to find true fulfillment!
  • Tidbits from Help-Meets’ HeartsThe first multi-author eBook from the Marriage, Motherhood and Missions teams, written to teach and encourage wives in their callings. Chapter topics cover making time for God, marriage, motherhood and much more! Learn more at Marriage, Motherhood and Missions.

Kids on Mission is a plug-in resource designed to add a global missions element to your home or school programming. I was recently blessed to win a prize package of Kids on Mission resources myself and truly couldn’t say enough good things about them!  My kids and I now love Kids on Mission because they have developed remarkable products that give kids an incredibly unique window into missionary life, right from their own living rooms at home. 
This giveaway’s winner will be mailed two of the first two volumes of Kids on Mission (8 DVD ROMs packed full of missions plug-ins to use in a multitude of ways)! 
One last thing I want to share with you!
 A short intro to a new link-up starting on Monday, April 21st 2014: This is a project near and dear to my heart that I have been so excited to tell you all about! For about a month and a half, some of the most intelligent, caring, passionate women I know have collaborated from across the country to make this happen and I am so excited to introduce you to them in just over a week! If you are a blogger, we hope you will write along with us and if you are a reader, we truly hope you will be inspired to make a difference in your sphere of influence, as you read stories of what is possible when we get intentional about serving others, right where we’re at!
Our Vision:
Make A Difference Mondays is a weekly linkup designed to encourage and inspire one another to live each day on purpose—making a meaningful difference in someone’s life in even the smallest of ways.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to provide a consistent gathering place for like-minded women to build online connections, share inspiration, and provide mutual encouragement and accountability as we seek to live intentionally and make a difference in the lives of those around us.

How To:
Every Monday we will invite bloggers to link-up any blog posts that encourage women to live life on purpose. This could include testimonies or goals from your own life, small acts of kindness, creative tips or ideas for showing consideration to others—the possibilities are endless.  

To “Link Up” simply enter the direct link from your post in the Link Up tool each week! Also, please remember to comment on at least one other blogger’s post after sharing your link. What better way to start each week than by making a difference and encouraging another blogger in our Link Up!
Have a great week y’all!  Giveaway winner will be announced Monday, April 21st and contacted with details on how to claim this great big haul of goodies! Please let me know if you have any questions about Make A Difference Mondays!  🙂