Friday already.. Say what? Apparently it’s time to do the Friday Favorites thing again! 
Lets all share our favorites from the week!  
I’ll start 😉

~ Favorite Links ~
An excellent article to point you in the right direction if you’re looking to prepare for Easter with kids!  Can’t recommend the author highly enough too; Christina Fox is the real deal!

Because if Gloria Furman wrote it, I want to read it!  Enough said 😉  Which is why I cannot wait to read her brand spanking new book Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full: Gospel Meditations for Busy Moms

Because what a way to redeem the time! We believe in paying it forward here at She Lives Free – I may have never met this guy but I’m so proud of him nonetheless!

Wow, just wow. See for yourself: “In the car my kids couldn’t stop gushing about you; our “angel in disguise.” They prayed for you. They prayed you would be blessed. You restored some of our lost faith. One simple and small action changed our lives. You probably have forgotten about us by now, but we haven’t forgotten about you. You will forever be a part of us even though we don’t even know your name.”

~Favorite Book~
I’m about to start reading it, so that counts right? 😉 
~Favorite Quote~

~Favorite Motivation~
~ Favorite Spring Finds~
Spring is my favorite season (besides summer of course) 😉 Oh how I’ve been looking forward to all things spring, including decorating! So when I found this spring printable from It’s Overflowing and this bloom and grow banner from Elegance and Enchantment, I just knew they belonged in my living room! (and next decor blog post?)
~Favorite Song~
Because it’s not possible to listen to this song and not feel HAPPY
What have you been loving this week? Do tell!