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~Favorite Songs~

For Easter:

For Forever:

~Favorite Season~

Ok so it’s one of my two favorite seasons, but there is nothing else in the world like watching the world wake up from the sleepy doldrums of winter and come alive in the beauty that is Spring. Every year, I am awe-struck anew!

~Favorite Holiday~
Easter is in the Spring. Easter is when Jesus died for all mankind, taking our punishment in full for us, so that we might be reconciled to God. What could be better?

~Favorite Blessing~

Remembering so many holiday weekends over many years that were so rushed and fraught with all too often impossibly high hopes for how much the kids and I could fit in under an unconscious urgency to “make up for lost time” with a full-time traveling husband and Dad. Knowing our hours together were numbered, the weight of another impending departure hung heavy in the air between us, whenever we were together. This Easter we are together to stay! There are no deadlines, no departures looming to cast a sad shadow upon what should be a joy-filled time to reflect on life and the gravity and meaning of the day. So thankful today, and everyday for answered prayer!

What are some of your favorites lately?  Wishing you a peaceful and joy-filled Easter weekend!