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My oldest teetering on the edge of the teen years, with her 13th birthday right around the corner. Happened across this article today and I completely related: I Didn’t Grow Up Until I Became A Mom. I could have written it myself, except that my hubby and I didn’t wait till our late twenties before our first baby came along. She came along when we were 21 and 22 and we have simply grown up together. But, yeah. That’s a whole other story. Different blog post, different day!



Make A Difference Mondays posts that have stolen my heart! After week one I couldn’t even eek out any more writing of my own all week, because these posts seriously grabbed my attention and never let go 😉 We’ve had some amazing women joining us and hope you will too! Building community is my jam, I want to get to know you and what you’re all about. So seriously, share your heart with us – I promise we will keep it safe!
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A friend told me about the How They Blog Podcast and Kat Lee had me at hello! This gem keeps me in multitasking ninja mode any chance I get for a long walk! Now if only I could escape for that just a little more often ….  😉

My to-do list explode before my very eyes. But in a good way 🙂 You know that blessed busy season where you have lots of good stuff going on & a hint it’s only going to get better? I think that’s where I’m at right now! Having spent so many years in a much harder placeI am so thankful to have turned the corner that led to an infinitely more peaceful, productive season in life.
Thankful for: 
Spectacular Spring sights and weather – absolutely my favorite time of year! And with Summer right around the corner, I am one happy girl right now – full on Spring, on the cusp of Summer is my happy place! Where’s yours?  🙂
Wishing:(goals for the week) 
To stay consistent with our new breakfast routine of making green smoothies in the morning. If this is the kind of thing you’ve been thinking about starting, I could not say enough good things about it! My hubby’s so happy he’s actually thanking me for his breakfast up to 12 hours later. The kids love it too and with how crazy busy days can get, at least I know getting our fruits & veggies in before 9am is guaranteed, if I keep this up!

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