Linking with some friends again today to talk about what’s new currently at She Lives Free. It’s such a fun way to preserve memories while staying up on each other’s lives! Hope you’ll join us – comment below and visit to share what life is like in your corner of the world lately!

Thinking about: 

Suffering. A really tough season in my life taught me so many things, not the least of which was a greatly deepened appreciation of life, even in all it’s brokenness and brevity. I left that season with a new ability to truly echo the words,”Show me how to love like You have loved me, Break my heart for what breaks Yours.” Are you with me in this? Have you noticed your heart grow to leave room for those suffering around you, after experiencing some form of suffering yourself? I believe this is absolutely no coincidence. 2 Corinthians 1:4 explains that we have afflictions and are comforted in them so that we may comfort others in their afflictions. So when I read examples of such deep suffering like this onethis one, & this one, I am momentarily overcome with grief for these families. In my own imagination, I live out their story as if it were my own for a few brief moments. And as my heart breaks for them, I remember. One way God redeems suffering is that He will indeed, “break my heart for what breaks yours”. May we turn from the human temptations to protect ourselves from the tragedies and devastation that plague this world. For when we refuse to shield our hearts from suffering, only then are we equipped to fulfill the law of Christ to share one another’s burdens.

Reading: Honestly? More than anything, just lots & lots of blog posts! 🙂 I always aspire to read any number of the amazing books out there and spend more time in the Word. Note to self: It’s a good time to find some balance! 😉

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This breathtaking song Jenna recommended. Best 6 minutes I’ve spent all day, hope you take the time to fill up your cup with this truth too!
Some dreams and hopes of my children beginning to come to fruition and it’s a super exciting thing to witness! Each of them have some things that have either just occurred or things that are just starting to take shape. Here is the latest awesome example: 

Thankful for:
A rewarding, enriching first year in the Junior League of Dayton. We had our end of year celebration dinner last night and I was reminded afresh how thankful I am for the opportunity to join wonderful women to make a difference in Dayton. If you have been looking for a way to give back and enjoy building community, then you need to check out this international organization!


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