Let’s talk about some favorite things again this Friday, shall we? I’ll go first, then you! Here are some of my current faves…

~Favorite blogger~
So I have a new hero! Have you ever heard of the blog Momastery? I had not until this week… So glad I found this one because WOW. You may have seen this in the news this week: Love flash mob helps five families battling cancer.  They had me at ‘love flash mob’ – Ok honestly they had me at just plain ‘flash mob’ even. The founder and organizer of all this amazing goodness describes it in her own words here: Momastery’s Glennon describes the love flash mobs. Read up, you will be blessed beyond measure!

~Favorite humanitarian~
Ok so she’s another hero. She is some kid… One I can imagine we will hear about for a long time to come and I hope she serves as a role model for my girls some day. I want to provide my daughters with as many examples as possible to see real kids just like them who are not afraid to stand for justice, even at great cost to themselves. Check out her latest act of service here: 
~Favorite web resource~
So maybe you were a perpetual student like me and you’re now looking for all the ways you can find to pay down those pesky student loans of yours? 😉 If that’s you don’t walk, run over to Gradsavers to check out this best kept secret for grads just waiting to be discovered! It is the bees knees, I tell ya 🙂

~Favorite community~
Are you a blogger? If so, you will want to head over to get in on Spring sign-ups for InCourage community groups. When I signed up for a group this last session, I had no idea I was soon to find some of my very favorite people in the blog-o-sphere, but sure enough, that is exactly what happened. Let us be people who hope and anticipate with great expectation as we step out on faith! Yep, even in the little things 🙂

Happy weekend friends! Praying you live it with gratitude and joy – the kind that extends even when the weekend is over. These days in these lives of ours are an incomprehensible, undeserved gift, so let’s live them to the full while we have them! Here’s a little Pin-teresting inspiration I visit when I need the extra kick in the pants 😉 If that’s you today, you’re welcome!

Your turn! What are you loving lately?

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