A letter from one Mom to another.  Have you ever written your Mom a letter?  Here’s mine – perhaps this is the year you’ll send yours?

Happy Mother's Day, From One Mom to Another

She has always sacrificed so much as a mother and it all began when she was barely more than a child herself.

I placed her on such a high pedestal when I was small that I cried when she went out of town, refused to go away to camp, and stayed close by for college.

I even use to tell her I was going to live in a house right next to her when I was all grown up – funny, that one actually came true, for a season!

Though on the surface we have so many differences, we also have so many similarities to celebrate!

My appreciation for her grew exponentially once I became a mother myself. It was then that I realized just what an irreplaceable role she plays in my life.

She is my adviser.

She is my supporter.

She is my cheerleader.

She is my advocate.

She is my example.

She is my right-hand woman.

She is my secret weapon.

She is my friend.

She is my Mom.

The circle of life continues. Behind every great mom, is a great grandmom -Happy Mothers Day Mom, I love you!  Grab a free printable below to gift an awesome Mom in your life!

Free printable Mothers Day poem

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