So you may have read here about how happy I am to be joining the ladies at the well studio as their newest contributor!  Hope you will read on and come find me over there for my very first guest post of many more to come at the {well} studio!
“By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”
-John 13:35
We all have an innate desire to live in community with others on some level – yet for as much as we may seek it, the sense of community that we crave can feel hard to come by. We may have a sense there is something missing, or more to the story. According to The Gospel Coalition, “Community on this side of heaven isn’t primarily about us though. Community is about God’s glory being displayed to the world. Jesus clearly explains that the purpose of Christian unity and community is so that the world would know God the Father sent Jesus to this earth in John 17:21-24.  Missional communities are different in that they primarily see the purpose of their friendship, love, and unity to be an apologetic for the gospel to their neighbors.”
So often, we default to thinking that living life on mission must look a lot like being a missionary in a foreign country or dropping everything to be at events, meetings, or services. In reality, our God-given influence is not nearly as limited or black and white as we may sometimes think. Indeed, it’s not about where we spend our time, for everywhere can become a mission field, if we choose to make it so. The Bible makes it clear that what is most important is our mission to make disciples, and there are oh so many opportunities for this in the living of everyday life!
Here are five simple ideas for living life on mission right where you’re at, to meet others right where they’re at in your own community!

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