Welcome to Make A Difference Mondays, a place to get intentional about starting our weeks focused on the positive and put our heads together to dream up ways we can make a difference in this world!This week I decided to take the Count Your Blessings Challenge from Starla Jimenez. I found this wonderful blog post in the Make A Difference Mondays linkup last week 🙂 Here is how she explained it: “It’s Monday! Instead of getting sucked in to the negativity of “Monday” let’s challenge each other to be positive today…and everyday. Let’s speak life and scripture over ourselves, husbands, children, marriages, family, friends, ministry etc. Instead of letting our thoughts run away with us let’s choose to focus and control them by not letting destructive thoughts in and only allowing positive thoughts to fill our minds. I believe the spoken word is important. Speaking blessings and scripture over ourselves is wonderful. The bible says Jesus is the Word. John 1:1 & 14. There is power in our words!”The challenge is to count your blessings today! Can you remind yourself of a few of your many blessings as you share them with us? Let me know if you decide to take the challenge on your own blog or simply share some of your blessings in the comments!
Here are some of mine!1.) I got to wake up to another day today!2.) The last week has been a hard one, with multiple instances of bad news coming my way. BUT. I know that every obstacle is an opportunity because Scripture says He works all things for my good and for His glory!

3.) My husband has been especially busy at work lately, with a few weeks straight of working overtime, seven days a week. Then this past Saturday we finally had a full day off at the same time! We enjoyed a day outside in a state park with his family.
4.) I’ve been blessed with the ability to pursue my calling to launch my coaching & consulting business – (hopefully by late summer/early fall)!
5.) I am meeting amazing new people weekly, through Make A Difference Mondays. You ladies and your blogs have rocked my world! I can’t even believe the posts I come across in the linkup. Hear me when I say, You. Are. Awesome.
Thanks for blessing me so much with your inspiration that I get to include YOU when I count my blessings! 🙂
Ok, that’s it for now but I may just do part 2 of the count your blessings challenge for my next post!! Can’t wait to read yours! Thanks for the inspiration, Starla!

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