My bloggy friends Jen and Candace tagged me in a blog hop about the blogging writing process… So I finally sat down to eek out this post and the irony hits me. The idea that anyone would want to read a post about my “process” kinda cracks me up. Because though I may write, I don’t exactly consider myself a writer and my process looks a whole lot like the way I approach the rest of life – all fly by the seat of my pants, whatever works, type style. I definitely don’t have a set editorial calendar, cause really – Who’s got time to keep track of time? I’m just happy when I know what day it is! 😉
Ok, so here’s a bit about my blogging style and a few sneak peeks for what’s coming up on the blog!
Why do I write what I write?
I never thought I’d end up a blogger but I couldn’t be more grateful I landed on this happy occupation. I dearly love to connect with and encourage people in this space – but I always get more than I give!What Am I Writing or Working On?
Well, in a word? … ALOT. I’ve been known to have more posts in draft than posts actually published … Ok not really, but I do have alot. of. drafts.
Beyond the normal blog post-y writing I usually do, I’ve also been working on launching a new site that is the next step for She Lives Free and a brand spankin’ new look for this site to coordinate. Cause I like to get all match-y match-y like that 🙂 Hoping to have my new business site live mid-month in August and I can’t wait to show you all the things!
How Does My Work Differ From Others in its Genre?
I write faith-based observations on the adventure of life and how I experience it with those in the world around me. That usually includes random happy thoughts (& maybe even deep thoughts?) about my experiences as a mom, a wife, an advocate, and a student of life. But who knows? My next post might just be on underwater basket-weaving … you just never know what you’re gonna get ’round here!
I also tend to overuse exclamation points and enthusiastic adjectives, so that’s pretty unique 😉

How Does My Writing Process Work?

Well let’s see, I usually get down to business by checking my email and inevitably, most any/every social network, and then I usually think something along the lines of, “Hm, I never did write that blog I meant to write.” Then I’ll look through all the emails I sent to myself with ideas and half-articulated thoughts, trying to remember what that idea was that I had for a post around 3am last night, or 2 weeks ago, and what have you. Eventually, I might come up with something worth writing about or I might just go back to talking to my bloggy friends and feel happy about that cause sometimes it’s just the little things, you know? But IF a small miracle occurs, and I not only have the words to articulate my thoughts, the focus, and the time to actually type them all out, then I usually type for well over an hour or two (or three), delete some, type some more, and search for just the pictures I want to express the mood of the post. Once in awhile I actually post that blog right as that process ends. Usually though, I just keep thinking of more and more edits I’d like to add that the post really just has to have. See, I am an idea person. A why person. Being the dreamer that I am, I’ve never had any shortage of “great ideas” for a blog post. It’s just the execution of the actual blogging itself that gets me. That dang how factor trips me up just about every time 😉
What Other Writers Would I Like to Introduce to You? I’d love for you to meet these lovely ladies, and tag them for this blog hop next:
Kendra at The Ruth Experience – From the moment I met Kendra in an online writers’ group, I knew there was something so special about her & sure enough, I discovered that to be absolutely true! Kendra is a foster & adoptive mom of four. She has a background in social work and currently co-directs community groups and is on the speaking team at her church. I love this lady already and haven’t even met her yet – in the meantime, I’m grateful for my sweet blogging bestie!
Jenna at A Mama Collective – Jenna blogs about faith and family and takes gorgeous photos of her life, all while keeping it real, fun, and funny! Can’t wait to meet this lady at the Influence Conference in September!
Sarah at Me Plus 3 Today – I’ve been getting to know Sarah through Make A Difference Mondays where she has rocked my world with the way she is using her blog to make the world a better place, one blog post at a time. She is strong, courageous, and so inspiring!

So, you three – now it’s time for you to answer these questions on your blogs! Can’t wait to hear from you!  :)Sometimes sharing with these friends