Recently I was stunned to witness a blog post I had written back in January go just a wee bit viral. Due to one simple share by a kind blogger with a massive reach, it was being read all over the world within minutes. I was beyond amazed to see the way my prayers for this post were being answered and when this started, I made a promise to God I would tell this whole story to shine a light on His goodness. Because not one thing was about me, for me, or because of me. He did this and I want to share with you what He’s revealed to me about His purpose in it!
I knew there were still a handful of people reading this letter to single and sometimes single moms each day since it was originally written. But when I started seeing so many additional comments suddenly coming in at once, I was completely stunned yet completely in awe as perfect strangers poured their hearts out in response. It was all I could do to contain the tears as a deeps sense of coming full circle came over me.
Words couldn’t fully express how humbled and grateful I felt to read that these women really were feeling understood, heard, and noticed. Truly, all I wanted was for the single and ‘sometimes single’ moms that needed encouragement and a listening ear from someone who understands to find what they were looking for. I wanted to write exactly the letter that I would have wanted to read when I was a married Mom doing life most days without my husband by my side.
I took some time to pray for all the women who had found their way to my blog, and for those who had the courage to reach out despite their pain. I wanted to fully soak up whatever it was God had planned, and determined to write back to every single comment starting the next morning.
Meanwhile, traffic unlike any I’d ever seen kept coming every few seconds, so in my state of shock and awe, I took to my blogging facebook group! I started a thread asking if anyone knew where all this extra activity could be coming from. I ultimately was directed to what you can see in this photo below. The owner(s) of Kids Activities blog had found it and shared it. Plain and simple, I could never thank them enough!
God brought over forty thousand people to read this blog post within a few days and He moved mountains to bring this post to the top of Google search engine.
Which leads me to why I’m writing today. My hope in telling you all of this is for my experience to demonstrate that anything is possible! No eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love Him!
I want to encourage the bloggers among you that the most unexpected things can happen even eight months after a post was written, and ten months into blogging. God has plans for your blog that may far exceed your own hopes and dreams. So please keep writing; let you stories shine a light where it is dark! Let your trials become your testimony, because I can promise you that someone out there needs to hear it!
I also want to encourage all of the amazing moms that are now connected here since that very blog post. I am for you and I am so grateful you’ve landed here! Please know that I’m always available for prayer or just to listen to you. Many have commented on the blog, facebook page, and emailed & you can too. After all, that’s why I do this blogging thing, to get to know you. Cause I like you! 😉
So if you’re currently walking a long, hard road with no clear end in sight? “Stand firm in the faith. Do so in the knowledge that your fellow believers are enduring the same suffering throughout the world” 1 Peter 5:9
I want to leave you with a few quotes I liked to reflect on during my hardest days. Soak them up and saturate your soul with truth!
“God is using your present circumstances to make you more useful for later roles in His unfolding story”
Louie Giglio
“Every experience God gives us, every person He brings into our lives, is the perfect preparation for a future only He can see.” Corrie Ten Boom


Let’s talk! What lifts you up when you’re heavy with doubt? Do you have lots of favorite quotes and verses like me? 🙂

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