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This week I’m excited to tell you about one woman who made a difference around the world and left a legacy deeper and wider than many of us fully realize. I know I sure didn’t grasp the full extent of Princess Diana’s humanitarian efforts across the globe before yesterday. I was 17 years old when she died & hadn’t yet paid too much attention to her life & work before her passing. So glad to have a much deeper understanding and appreciation for her now, and to have taught my girls the same!

Yesterday my girls and I had a mommy-daughter date to
The Cincinnati Museum Center to see Diana, A Celebration exhibit. It just so happened to also be 1940s themed weekend at the museum too, so as a swing music/swing dancing lover, I could not wait to introduce my girls to all this goodness!
I think this article does a great job summarizing what to expect if you’re local and you’d like to try to make the trip to see this exhibit before it’s gone for good.
There were so many neat things to see in this exhibit, such as Princess Diana’s tiaras, wedding gown, and collection of formal wear dresses. But what I most enjoyed learning about was the depth and breadth of Diana’s advocacy and humanitarian work. A quote from Diana dated June 1997, just two months before her death reveals her heart here:
“Nothing brings me more happiness than trying to help the most vulnerable people in society, it is a goal and an essential part of my life, a kind of destiny, whoever is in distress can call on me I will come running wherever they are.”
Seeing those exact words written on a wall, on display for all to see was so encouraging to me. They made me smile with such appreciation, but all the more so when I could see my daughters inspired by her passion as well. Given the fact we read that amazing quote in one of the last sections of the exhibition, and we had just left the section covering the Princess’ untimely death – I was absolutely still tearing up. Yep, I’m pretty sure I was the only person crying watching the summary video of Diana’s death and funeral with the lyrics to Goodbye England’s Rose, which is a version of Candle in the Wind adapted for Princess Diana’s funeral by Elton John.
Just as her wedding was watched by an estimated global TV audience of 750 million, an estimated 2.5 billion people around the world watched the funeral procession as the people’s Princess was laid to rest. I can honestly say after spending two hours captivated by learning about her life and death, I now fully understand why Princess Diana was adored by millions around the world and will be missed and remembered, always.
In the final section of the exhibit, we read yesterday that 30,000 condolence books were filled with messages in remembrance of Diana’s life and in honor of her passing. Let that sink in for a moment. Not 30,000 messages, but 30,000 books! It was remarkable to see a few dozen of them and read the heartfelt messages that filled them. There was also a book available to be signed with messages of remembrance by museum visitors and oh how I loved the sweet messages my girls wrote themselves! I asked a museum attendant and she confirmed the book will indeed be sent to the Royal family 🙂 We marveled thinking about Diana’s family reading our words, and all the others written all these years after her passing, at each stop of the world tour of this exhibit celebrating her life.
Though we don’t often slow down enough to think about it much, the fact is we will all be remembered in some way. How do you want to be remembered? How will you use your life to make a difference that others will remember? We are not all princesses’ like Diana, but we are all daughters of the King, who created each of us for great purpose!
We are all writing a story with our lives each day that we live them. So why not ask yourself, are you living the story you’d like to be told for generations? If not – what changes can you make today so that you might live the life you were created to live? In what ways can you use your influence to make a difference, just as Diana used her platform to make a difference?
As a young mother, Diana died a tragic and untimely death. But the truth is, nothing is ever wasted in God’s economy. To that end, I leave you with the words to a beautiful poem, The Weaver which was displayed in the final room of Diana, A Celebration. I hope you find these words as encouraging as we did!
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