Welcome to Make A Difference Mondays, a place to get intentional about starting our weeks focused on the positive and put our heads together to dream up ways we can make a difference in this world! This week I’m happy & humbled to introduce you to my friend Kendra and her beautiful story of how anyone can make a difference in the lives of the least of these. Would love to hear about any experience you may have with a ministry like the one Kendra got involved with!



I first heard about Sole Hope when I read a blog post written by Logan Wolfram chronicling her experience while on a missions trip to Africa with the organization. The pictures of her holding children as they cried out in pain while jiggers were being removed from their little feet was enough to make me search a little farther to see what Sole Hope was all about.
What I found was an organization that started because Dru and Asher Collie saw a need and decided to fill it. Jiggers (a parasite that burrows into your feet and lays eggs) causes infection, pain, and — if left untreated — can leave people susceptible to other diseases such as tetanus and gangrene.
But there is a simple solution to the problem: Shoes.
While many of us don’t give a second thought to the shoes we put on each day, in Uganda, shoes are a luxury and many of the children Sole Hope helps have never owned a single pair of shoes.
So how can we help?
Sole Hope has created kits so you can throw your own shoe cutting party. Each kit comes with instructions, a sample of the fabric pieces needed for each pair of shoes, and a paper shoe pattern to use. It’s easy peasy.


And that’s why, just a little over a week ago, we cleaned out our garage (bonus!), invited some of our dear friends over, and had a party!
image (16).jpeg
Everyone set up and working at their stations!
image (15).jpeg
All while utilizing things we’d throw away or donate (old jeans and milk jugs!).
image (14).jpeg
We cut out shoes, laughed, and shared a meal together. We had a great time!


image (19).jpeg
And by the end, we had made 40 pairs of shoes for kids in Uganda.


When we were done, we also took donations to send with our shoes to help pay wages to the workers in Africa that assemble to the shoes. It was an awesome experience, and one we’ll plan to do again soon!


If you would like information on how you can throw your own shoe cutting party visit Sole Hope’s site here.
Kendra Roehl is a foster and adoptive mama of four, a social worker by background and a lover of Jesus! She blogs about everyday life at The Ruth Experience.


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