Continuing on with the look back and look ahead theme each month, I wanted to take time to reflect on the old and welcome the new.  Even as I’m sad to witness the waning of summer, I’m grateful as can be for the steady rhythm of living and loving abundantly I get to experience, no matter the season or the weather!

Sunshine Autumn Picture

August was a pretty sweet month around here!  There was the dreaming of big dreams.  There were awe-inspired moments of considering God’s grace.  There was the celebration of an anniversary.  Fun times!

It was an unusually cool and cloudy month, and whole summer – but still, I squeezed every last summer-licious drop of my absolute favorite season before the return of school for the kids.  Naturally, I knocked out way more goals from my summer bucket list for kids then I did from my own summer bucket list – such is life with kids!  ; )

Also last month I mentioned the hope of squeezing in a summer getaway.  I’m thrilled to say my man’s finally going to be able to take a few days off work and we’re making a long weekend out of a trip to Bloggy Con in about a week.  We’ll arrive a couple days early for some R&R at Sawmill Creek Resort on Lake Erie.  A re-cap of the conference as well as a full review of the resort will be up on the blog shortly afterwards, so keep an eye out if you’ve ever thought about either yourself.

Looking ahead, I’m feeling challenged to the core by the mere thought of introducing homeschooling back into my already full to the brim days.  But in my own words to a fellow homeschool mom just the other day, it’s never easy but always refining and rewarding.  If you homeschool your kids or ever have, can I get an amen?  I’m sure you know just what I’m talking about!

I’m excited about all there is to look forward to on the blog in September!  We just had our first ever post on WordPress and it’s intense, but I’m loving it!  It’s only going to get easier and the benefits already feel well worth all the time spent making the blog migration happen!  Between participating in a kindness matters campaign, an #IAmYourVoice campaign to make an impact for those facing persecution overseas, and attending the Influence Conference at the end of this month – I’m amazed anew at these rich opportunities I’ve been blessed with as a blogger!  


I’d love for you to join me in the comments – tell me about the ups and downs of last month and what you’re looking forward to or struggling with as you say goodbye to summer and look ahead to Fall.

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