Welcome to Make A Difference Mondays, a place to get intentional about starting our weeks focused on the positive and put our heads together to dream up ways we can make a difference in this world!  This Make A Difference Monday, I’m excited to partner with some friends who have a vision to change the world for the better! We have a goal to inspire 1,000 people to do a good deed within 30 days. The plan is simple – each day, we each do a good deed and each day we ask our readers, friends, family, and community to do the same. We support one another. We encourage one another and aim to exceed our goal.


Smile at a Stranger

Especially in the wake of Robin Williams’ recent death, seeing the above image stopped me stone cold.  It’s definitely something I’ve thought about before, but not something I’ve thought about nearly as much as I’d like.  Like most all of us, I get preoccupied, busy, and distracted – and just like that, good intentions fly out the window!

So I got to thinking about what could change if I lived each day with this knowledge at the forefront of my mind, that not only can I make a big difference in a perfect stranger’s day through taking the time to really see her and smile at her – but I could even save her life.  What a revolutionary notion, what a paradigm shift!

As much as I love to make people happy and to see people smile, I know that I have lots of room for improvement in this area.  For example, I have noticed about myself that I tend to unconsciously take it personally when someone I would want to engage with does not seem to want to reciprocate in any way.  My love language is reciprocal warmth and positivity when communicating with others, but not everyone is wired to wear their heart on their sleeve.  Not everyone is as touchy-feely as I am.  And furthermore, someone who is distraught & depressed may be currently incapable of this kind of communication.  If my goal is to meet each person I encounter on their level, then that means making it about that person, rather than me.

So I need not shrink back when someone doesn’t respond in kind when I reach out to them in this way.  More importantly for their sake, then mine.  Because if I allow my own internal climate to be at the mercy of the environment I’m exposed to, I’m much more liable to run for cover and take shelter.  Without setting out to do so, I can quickly make it all about me, rather than the other person.

With this in mind, I am inspired to communicate more proactively and less reactively.  Should I ever encounter that tender soul who I could make such a difference for with a mere smile, then I want to be ready!  From this day forward.

Are you with me?

being kind share

Here’s how YOU can get involved too!

1) Do a good deed to help someone else

2) Log in your good deed at www.beingkindcounts.com we are going for 1,000 in 30 days

3) Share the image above and tag two people to do the same

You can participate for as long as you want . We are grateful for any good deeds you can do. We accept multiple good deeds a day.

Looking for ideas to get started?   Here is a great list of ways to help you be creative in showing kindness to others as well as a fun little printable to help as well.

Showing Kindness Challenge | The Brown Tribe


random kindness

I encourage you to join me in this endeavor to show kindness today. Please share your experience with me by leaving a comment below and linking up your blog post about it here.

Make A Difference Mondays is a weekly linkup designed to encourage and inspire us to live each day on purpose—making a meaningful difference in someone’s life in even the smallest of ways. There will be five women regularly co-hosting this link-up that will appear on all five of our blogs and we also have three wonderful co-hosts who will fill in as guest hosts on the occasional day that a regular co-host is not able to post. Read on to learn more about our vision, mission, and how to link up!
Our mission is to provide a consistent gathering place for like-minded women to build online connections, share inspiration, and provide mutual encouragement and accountability as we seek to live intentionally and make a difference in the lives of those around us.
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