Headed to any Halloween get-togethers this week?  Here are some last minute ideas for quick and easy hostess gifts you can make on the cheap.

Halloween Party Hostess GiftsWe went to Target’s dollar section and picked up some crafty items to put together a candy or snack container with Halloween bling.  I will let the pictures do the talking, as this one is self-explanatory – but hopefully it’ll inspire you with ideas of something similar you could make if you want to bring along something fun to a spooky soiree 😉

IMG_1982IMG_1976IMG_1978IMG_1984As you can see, this is a project that comes together just.  like.  that.  Have fun with it and make it your own!  I let my kids pick the stickers to go on top and choose what to write on the chalkboard stickers with the chalk pens. You can fill these little dollar jars with candy, snacks, glow in the dark spider rings, or anything else that strikes your fancy  😉

FullSizeRender (5)Another fun little gift we may take along with us to one of several Halloween get-togethers this week are these white baby pumpkins we glammed up ourselves.  I once saw this very same thing sold in a fall farmer’s market for four or five dollars each! These can be decorated at home with just a fraction of a bottle of modge podge, a paintbrush or foam brush, glitter and a pumpkin.  Maybe some sealant spray if you want to play it safe. Easy-peasy!  You could make dozens to give and keep this way!

IMG_1972IMG_1974FullSizeRender (4)Here’s our finished product.  I was also inspired by this image – found on Pinterest.   Are you attending a fabulous fete this Halloween?  Hope these ideas have sparked some inspiration for cheap and easy hostess gifts you can make and take on the fly!