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For about a seven year stretch, family dinners were extremely hard to come by in our home.

Studies show that kids who eat with their families frequently experience increased emotional well-being, do better in school, and are more likely to make better choices in life.  Eating together as a family at home can even be a stress reducer and a cash saver for adults.

We wanted all that – we’ve always wanted the best for our kids and family as a whole – yet family dinners were a rare reality.  Many of us have or will experience trying times that make consistently coming together for dinner as a family impossible, or close to it.

Even soccer practices, dance rehearsals, playdates, and work can easily bump family mealtime lower down the priority list faster than your baby can launch his cheerios from the highchair  😉

Yet we all know the unique mix of magic and mayhem of family dinner is worth fighting for!  A family meal is the perfect opportunity for parents to expose children to different foods and expand their palate, teach portion control, and discuss details of the day with kids.  It’s even an ideal setting for helping family values, like giving back, to slowly but surely work their way deep down into kids’ hearts.

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That’s why the mission of  The Family Dinner Project is so important!  They aim to inspire families to enjoy food, fun and conversation together.  It’s all about returning to a simpler and more meaningful way of doing life together.

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Between December 2-16, join us to kick off #familydinnerforward, an initiative (and fun contest!) to inspire families to give – whether within the family to one another, or to others outside of the family. To participate, simply snap a dinner/giving related photo and share it via Twitter and/or Instagram using the hashtag #familydinnerforward.  All shares between December 2nd and 16th are eligible to win an amazing dinner themed prize from Lenox!  We are stoked to do this and would love to hear if you’d like to join us!  🙂

Learn more about the Family Dinner Project!

Your turn to talk back: Tell us about what family dinners mean to you – Do you struggle to make them happen like we did (and sometimes still do)?  Will you be choosing a dinner related act of kindness to give back to others?  Will you be participating in Giving Tuesday?