Medical bills were mounting. Kids needed glasses, cars needed repairs, and the dog needed surgery. On top of that, Christmas was almost upon us so presents needed to be purchased.

But all of that was forgotten when he overheard the tire salesman warn her she was in dire need of all new tires, as each one was completely bald. She was a young mom with kids in tow who told the salesman she simply didn’t have the money to replace more than one tire on her car. It was a dark and snowy night and my husband, Brian was waiting in our local tire shop to have his six truck tires replaced.

See A Need Fill A Need

He saw a need that he could do something about, no matter the sacrifice it would require. You see, this man lives by the motto, “see a need, fill a need.” So Brian did what he does best. He gave what he had. My husband told the salesman that he would like to pay for a tire to be installed, opposite of the one tire this woman was able to purchase. Brian knew that even though it was just a start, this family would be much safer driving the icy roads with a balanced set of two new tires than they would with just one new tire.

The salesman was so taken aback that my husband wanted to buy a tire for a complete stranger that he immediately choked up. Eyes brimming with tears, he said that he’d never seen anything like it in his entire nine year tenure in the business.

My husband is a naturally humble, generous man who feels rewarded in the giving, not in the receiving in life. So imagine his unexpected surprise, when he later discovered the salesman had returned the entire amount spent on the extra tire to his bill! Rather than the seven tires my husband bought, the salesman only charged him for six.

The simple act of one man making the decision to share what he had, rather than worrying about what he would go without, changed things that night.

My husband’s choice changed things for the mom who felt a little safer driving her children home through the dark, icy streets.

His example changed things for the tire salesman who was so encouraged by complete strangers taking care of each other that he was inspired to quietly pay it forward on my husband’s bill.

His influence changed things for our children, who overheard the recounting of events from husband to wife upon his arrival back home.

His choice changed things for me to know that the lives of other people were impacted, all because of one small step of faith.

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