Fun fact: November 13th is World Kindness Day.  Kindness is an incredibly important, yet not altogether often acknowledged character quality that pretty much makes the world go ’round  😉  So in the spirit of spreading kindness, I thought I’d kindly share with you a few favorite thoughts and ideas to inspire kindness in your corner of the world!

– Harvard Psychologist shares five tips for raising kind kids


– Edutopia has a comprehensive list of great reasons to teach kindness including:

  • developing altrusim – joyfulness is proven to be contagious and encourage more kind behavior
  • better social connections – Kind, happy children enjoy greater peer acceptance because they are well liked.
  • greater sense of belonging and self esteem – It’s reported that even small acts of kindness heighten our sense of wellbeing, increase energy, and give a wonderful feeling of optimism and self worth.
  • improved health and less stress – Being kind can trigger a release of the hormone oxytocin, which has a number of physical and mental health benefits.
  • increased feelings of gratitude – When children are part of projects that help others less fortunate than themselves, it provides them with a real sense of perspective. Helping someone else makes them appreciate the good things in their own lives.
  • improved concentration – Having a positive outlook enables greater attention spans and more creative thinking to produce better results at school.
  • reduced depression – Dr. Wayne Dyer, an internationally-renowned author and speaker, says that an act of kindness triggers an increase in serotonin, a natural chemical responsible for improving mood. This boost in happiness occurs not only in both the giver and receiver of kindness, but also in anyone who witnesses it.This makes kindness a powerful, natural antidepressant.

Always be kinder than necessary for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation has a huge list of fun ideas for spreading kindness.  You can even use filters or a search tool to find the perfect idea by category, relative cost or the time it takes to complete.



– The RAK Foundation also has Ten Simple Ideas to Celebrate World Kindness Day:

World Kindness Day


– Kindness Elves from The Educator’s Spin On It

Christmas Traditions


– Five Ways to Teach Your Kids to Live Generously from Beauty Through Imperfection

kids live generously


– Kindness Countdown to Christmas from The Good Long Road


– 25 Ideas for Acts of Service for Toddlers from Allternative Learning



– Ideas for teaching kids to be kind, from Kids Activities Blog

learning to be kind


What are your favorite ways to teach kids to be kind?  How do you shine your light in a dark world?