If we’re friends on Instagram, you may have seen we were a bit bogged down by bronchitis and the flu last month.  Between multiple urgent care runs and doctor visits, it was a December to remember for the four of us  😉  Though the worst of it only lasted about a week, we had various stages of sickness for weeks and finally rallied to get our Christmas tree decorated with 5 days to go until Christmas!

Since there is now a flu epidemic across much of the country, (as of January 2015) – I thought I’d share a little checklist of comfort items that made all the difference for my family when we were sick. Nothing like being proactive instead of reactive!  Take it from me – you don’t want to wait to round up the items you’ll need to feel better until after you’re sick, (think every bone in your body hurting and every muscle in your body screaming must. not. move).  That’s why from now on, I’m keeping tabs on our supply of these items around here so we can be happy campers through fall and winter knowing we’re prepared.

None of us had an appetite for days at a time – we pretty much lived on broth, saltines, and LaCroix bubbly water for super sore throats.  We did essential oil baths with epsom salts to help relax muscles and support immune systems.  We also diffused thieves in our diffuser to help support lung function. Our full list of must haves included:

Heating pad         Epsom salts

Saltines                     Broth


Bubbly water            Feel-good movie

Vaporizer               Motrin

Young Living Essential Oils


Here’s a handy-dandy winter wellness checklist for you to print off for what may help keep you comfortable if you do get sick.  That being said – you better believe I’m thinking happy, healthy thoughts and sending wellness mojo for you!!  😉

Click here to download it for yourself.  Yep that’s how much I love ya!


What are you using to stay healthy this winter?  What are your favorites from this list?  What else would you add?

If you’re new to using essential oils, you may want to check out Young Living’s amazing premium starter kit.  We have found that was the best way for our family to get started.  Learn more about why and how we use essential oils, and how you can too right here  🙂

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