So many of you know my sweet husband and I have weathered our share of ups and downs with many a share of separation over the years due to his job, so we have often spent Valentine’s Day apart. Either missing each other, that much more aware of his absence or busy pretending it was “just another day” so it didn’t feel like rubbing salt into a wound.

Because you see, we are both romantics at heart – just another reason I love this man!  So this year, I shouldn’t have been so surprised when he went all out and surprised me with having 50 roses delivered to my doorstop while he was at work today. Yep, I am one lucky girl!!

But it doesn’t take such a big display of romance to show your love to your sweetie – so if you are a woman reading this, feel free to forward this to your guy or print it to lay out on the counter.  HA. Sometimes our men need a little help in knowing what we would most appreciate.  If you are one of the MANY women I have talked to who would so love to start using essential oils in your home, this one’s for you!  If you happen to be a guy reading this – this one’s for you too, I’ve got ya covered bro  😉

essential oils pocket reference guide

Long after flowers die, your Valentine will still be on an essential oil adventure!

We suggest the starter set you can find here which includes everything your sweetie needs to get started including a bouquet of educational items.

Then print out this adorable essential oil pocket reference guide, Valentine’s Day card and the below linked certificate letting your loved one know their oils are on their way!

quick reference essential oil guide

All you have to do is cut and fold, and you have the perfect Valentine’s day gift for!


P.S. When giving this as a gift, please include that information in the email you send to us in the sign up process so we don’t spoil your surprise!

Everything Your Sweetie Needs to Get Started with Essential Oils

We have completely fallen in love with essential oils and are super excited to be able to offer you an AMAZING Essential Oil package perfect for gift giving.  It includes everything you need to get started with essential oils at home:

Young Living Essential Oils Kit + Freebies special package deal!


Yes!  All this good stuff!  When you get the Young Living Premium Essential Oil Starter Kit that includes a diffuser, 11 essential oils and some other goodies, we send you a BIG package of educational freebies that includes a 400+ page book that is packed full of everything essential oils!

Young Living Essential Oils Kit + Freebies special package deal!

Just click over right here to get started today – your honey will thank you!!  Comment or email with questions anytime –  🙂