When I was invited to be a part of a blog hop revealing 10 things you didn’t know about me, it was a no-brainer.  I’m a sucker for any good get-to-know you game/blog post/ice-breaker!  I’m excited to get to know more bloggers through this opportunity and hope you’ll join me in meeting a few too!  So – in no particular order, here are ten things you never knew you wanted to know about me  😉

1) My masters degree is in Counseling but I decided I want to be a blogger and entrepreneur when I grow up.  At least for now – I am a homeschooling Mom and working from home makes life so much easier for me in this season of life!  I know there are so many people in a similar position, which is why I recently created the Solopreneur Startup Lounge to encourage and equip others in their own entrepreneurial journey.  Join us if this would meet you where you’re at right now!  Much more to come once we launch solopreneurstartup.com and Live Free Coaching and Consulting at shelivesfreecoaching.com – THIS is why if you need me, you can currently find me in head down, hustle mode (read: crazy busy but loving it)!


2) I’m not the best with details, structure, routine, and organization.  Total type B here.  In fact, I’m SO type B, my Mom will joke I’m really type C.  Ha!

3) #2 is part of why I am such a big believer in strengths-based living.  It’s kinda my core as a college Psych major, but it also is such a purposeful way of doing life that makes more and more sense to me the deeper I journey into this life of mine.  I have learned that I just can’t do it all nor do I need to try to!  I am so much more effective and impactful in my sphere of influence when I focus on areas where my strengths do lie (as much as is possible), that I have learned to not just be okay with, but actually celebrate the blessing of reaching a place of delegating tasks that are not in my area of gifting.  I feel a blog series about this topic coming on!!

4) I’m a bit of a health nut – to the tune of reading Prevention magazine for years, just for fun!  I’ve always been amazed when I think about how God gave us everything we need for abundant, healthy living through plants.  It’s one of those things that the more you research and learn about it, the more fascinating it is!  That is why it was a natural transition for me to recently integrate Young Living essential oils into my blog.  I love the privilege of providing my family, friends, and readers with plant-based tools that can improve the lives of their families too!

5) I’m an extremely visually-oriented person.  This is why I have found color alone can actually even impact my mood. My favorite colors are yellow, pink, and orange and whenever I see my favorite shades of them it makes me HAPPY 🙂  This is also why I’m so influenced by SUNSHINE.  Yep, those are the 3 colors of a sunrise and a sunset. I’m so obsessed, I even have a Pinterest board I named none other than, color me happy!

bouquet of roses

6)  Speaking of the sun — My two favorite seasons are Spring and Summer!  I get so excited about all things Spring and Summer — I’m talking flowers, flowering trees, blue skies, bright yellow sun, bright green grass, short sleeves, flip flops (my fave shoe), hiking, biking, and all the extra adventuring you can do outdoors when it’s warm enough — oh and SO much more!

7)  Totally random, but when I was little whenever I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was — Queen of the World!  (what??)  And when I was even younger – around age two, I was obsessed with watching WWF wrestling on TV!  My mom says I loved watching the guys taking flying leaps and then copying them.  That’s right – I would be so inspired, I’d promptly go flying off our living room couch.  I have always been a bit wild and free  😉

8)  I may or may not give just about anything to own two orange kittens right about now.  This may just help me find contentment while waiting for Spring!

9)  Much to the chagrin of my fiction loving daughter, my favorite genre of book to read is non-fiction self-help, by a landslide!  Since I was a teenager, I remember devouring all kinds of books on religion, personal development, psychology, and counseling theory.  I still enjoy each of those but lately am most digging entrepreneurship, blogging, and business-y books. So still within the wide umbrella of total self-development. You should see my Amazon wish-list — it’s massive!

10)  If I could choose anyone to have over to a dream dinner party, I think I would choose Bob Goff, Jon Acuff, Pat Flynn, Jen Hatmaker, Elyse Fitzpatrick, Kat Lee, Jeff Goins, and John Gottman.


If you’re new around here, this post is another great place to get know me and this blog a bit better. Okay enough about me!  I’d love to hear about you 🙂  If you’ve never commented & introduced yourself on this blog before, maybe today is your day?  You’re in the perfect place because, another fact about me?  I love meeting new people!

Be a gem and come say hi to my friends in this blog hop?  Passing it off to Johanna of Our Joyful Home next week!

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