Like most of us, I am on a never-ending quest for balance.  Between my natural night owl tendencies and being in the thick of a busy season in life, I often find myself burning the candle at both ends.  Most nights I work right up until bed time which leaves me wired – feeling too overstimulated and tired to sleep.  It’s so easy to end up mentally reviewing the events of the day instead of sleeping, when that is the first chance we’ve had to do so all day long.  This sets off a cycle stuck on repeat of feeling too tired the next day after being up late at night, only to finally feel energized right when bedtime rolls around.  This tends to look a little something like this…..


Ha!  This is why I’ve found it an absolute necessity to have a few solid sleep savers I can turn to, to turn this cycle around!  Here are my very best secrets to a good night’s sleep:

Surprising Secrets to Your Best Rest

Write It Down

I have found that I sleep far better at night if I take the time to “download” any thoughts, ideas, or to-do list items for the next day onto a notepad or even the notes section of my phone before going to sleep.  I’ve even been known to email myself odds and ends I need to remember for the next day, right from my bed because I need a quick brain dump – otherwise just trying to remember not to forget something important (ha ha) may actually keep me awake in and of itself.

Essential Oils

I’ve recently discovered that Lavendar, Cedarwood, Peace and Calming, and Stress Away essential oils all help me sleep like a baby.  Love drifting off to each of those relaxing scents!

Magnesium Spray

Pure magnesium oil was another new discovery this year that I use for occasional leg cramps. There’s nothing like trying to sleep when you have restless or achy legs!  Thank you magnesium for calming my crazy legs gone haywire!

Magnesium Drink

When a friend first introduced me to Natural Calm magnesium drink, at first I didn’t even think about the fact that because Magnesium is necessary for muscles to relax, it will end up helping you sleep a little easier if taken right before bed time.  Though I initially started drinking this as a yummy magnesium supplement, I now often drink it at bedtime just to have one more thing to add to my sleep arsenal for those nights I could use all the help I can get!

Fleece Sheets

I remember when we recently bought our first set of fleece sheets from Costco and even my husband couldn’t believe how luxurious they felt!  You know how there’s something about fresh, clean sheets that can make you actually want to go to sleep, right?  Well imagine that feeling that much more intensified by super soft sheets, and then you’ll know how inviting, cozy fleece sheets make you feel  😉

Detox Bath

One sleep secret that’s been around for ages but I’ve only recently discovered for myself is a detox bath.  This is no ordinary pre-bedtime bath!  Read up here on how this relaxing practice can contribute to your overall wellbeing, including promoting a rejuvenating night’s rest.


I’ve been a fan of yoga and pilates for as long as I can remember, but one of my favorite benefits of yoga in particular is it’s inevitable side effect of promoting peace and reducing stress.  This in turn can lead to a more restful night’s sleep following your yoga practice.

Rescue Sleep Aid

I’ve used RESCUE products for years, since my mom first introduced me to the drops that go under your tongue for reducing stress and anxiety.  I still remember how much it helped when I took a quick dose before delivering a talk in one of my college classes.  Now I also love RESCUE Sleep Liquid Melts, a homeopathic, natural sleep aid developed by a doctor. This gentle and safe supplement is a go-to favorite to help me sleep, especially because it’s non-habit-forming, with no side effects!  You can even grab a buy one get one free coupon here.


What helps you manage stress and set the stage for a great night’s sleep?

Surprising Secrets to Your Best Rest

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