Have you ever thought about Instagram as an avenue for changing the world?  If you’re anything like most people – probably not  😉  Especially as there are so many mixed feelings and even controversy over social media in this day and age.  But research actually shows that even “heavy” social media use can decrease stress as it promotes social connections among women.

What has always fascinated me about Instagram in particular is the depth and breadth of it’s very reach!  There are no doubt plenty of exceptions to this, but I know for myself – I am much more likely to be connected to hundreds of women I’ve never met on Instagram then I am through my personal Facebook page.  When you really stop to think about it – How amazing is that?!  What a privilege for Instagram to be a platform through which God can use you to reach others, if you let Him.  What an opportunity to serve as a vehicle for Him to demonstrate His great love through the encouragement and love we can show to hundreds and even thousands at a time, through a few simple clicks!


Here is where I must say, I have oh so much room to grow in this area! I can blog my heart out in hopes of encouraging someone else, but something about using one finger to hunt & peck for the letters on such a small screen leaves me running back to my blog to write the longer love letters from me to you!  Teach me your ways, oh wise ones of Instagram 😉

Today I want to introduce you to just a handful of world-changers out there loving big and serving boldly through a world-wide platform called Instagram  😉  There are so many even among this little community who turn up here week after week, but I thought it’d be fun to connect with others this week in a wider circle on Instagram!  In no particular order, meet a few of my Insta-faves  <3

HooversNextGen – Alexandra has this way of lifting you up with her words, and gently encouraging you to see the amazing beauty all around you.  She inspires me something fierce everyday through her Instagram feed!  One look at her messages and you instantly feel more connected, more understood, and more loved – like she’s inside your head and knows exactly what you needed to hear!

MegRomeo – Alexandra’s friend Meg has a huge heart for the Lord AND this goofy, lighthearted, silly side that is so relatable to me because that IS me.  You know when you find someone online and you can just tell you’d make the best friends in real life because you seem so much alike?  Ha. I also LOVE the videos Meg and Alexandra do!!

LifeLivedBeautifully – I first found Gretchen’s Instagram feed through my friend Marianne and have followed her ever since.  Her eye for aesthetics shows through in her images displaying the beauty of Creation, while reflecting the beauty of our Creator.  She is just so encouraging in so many ways!

ClaireNeill – This girl has such an amazing heart for the Lord that you just can’t not be inspired every time you see her daily posts.  Her messages are so heartfelt and beautiful all at once.

GoShoutLove – The ladies behind this account feature a different family each month who has a child with a rare illness.  Each purchase from their site benefits their featured families.  Love the way they come alongside people to bring hope and help!

ProjectLeadKindly – This non-profit organization is led by our own huge-hearted, Pamela MacDonald.  Every time I think about what she and her family are doing through this ministry it about moves me to tears!  They are all about encouraging people to lead kindly as they assist moms and kids affected by domestic violence and homelessness.  Best part is?  Pamela is just another regular mom, like you and me – follow her adventures through Instagram as she impacts others for good, one family at a time!

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We serve a God who brings us together in unexpected ways that cannot be contained by the bounds of proximity. He forms transcendent bonds connecting hearts and souls that are not defined by labels, status, or distance. And I can testify firsthand that can happen face to face or virtually! Praise God from whom all blessings flow, including social media!  🙂

Thank you to each of the ladies mentioned above for pouring out into others to serve and encourage, and thank you to the rest of you, for all that YOU do to make a difference online!  It matters!

I hope you have found reason to inspire and to be inspired through Instagram today! How do you find encouragement online? In what ways do you hope to love on others from afar? What does Instagram mean to you? Who encourages you there or elsewhere online?

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