You might remember a few weeks back when we talked about the platform of Instagram as an opportunity for global impact.  One example I shared of a person leveraging Instagram in just such a way was the wonderful Gretchen from Life Lived Beautifully. I was delighted when a friend of Gretchen’s found my post and told me she loved it because the heart of the post and of this community so aligns with the mission of her ministry called Bought Beautifully.

How to Change the World Through Supporting Small Business

Naturally, I fell in love with Bought Beautifully the more I learned about what they do.  The mission of Bought Beautifully is to create a Christ centered economy where consumers can intentionally purchase products that impact the world for Christ. They represent 22 vendors from around the world who are using their business to positively impact the world and they want to get these inspiring business owner’s products in more people’s hands!  All vendors on Bought Beautifully know their supply chain, pay fair wages, prioritize safe working conditions, and practice wise stewardship.  We would love for you to take a few minutes to get to know more about the heart of this unique ministry: