The last few years, when Mother’s Day rolls around each year, I find myself thinking of the countless Moms out there for whom Mother’s Day is a painful day.  There are so many aching hearts that are further reminded of their loss or other distance they would not choose for themselves if it were up to them.  There are so many children who have lost their Mom and so many Moms who have lost a child. Whether due to death, divorce, or any other painful circumstance, Mother’s Day can be a hurtful reminder of losses of many kinds.

Many Mother’s Days I’ve been especially spoiled with flowers or other luxuries and I think about those Moms who have no one to acknowledge them on their special day – no one to say, “I see you and you matter” – whether verbally or non-verbally. I think about how it’s the little things that means so much and how I’d love to share even one small reminder of love with every Mom who needs it.

That’s why I wanted to brainstorm a few ways we can do just that, with all the Moms who are in our sphere of influence.  We can’t reach out to them all, all around the world – but together, we can reach out to many!  Please share what would be meaningful to you in the comments section and I’ll share a few of my ideas with you  🙂

Mother's Day Acts of Kindness Ideas

  • If you know a Mom who suffered a recent loss or a family dealing with the recent loss of a Mom, here are some ideas to help those in crisis.
  • Making and delivering a meal to a hurting family or inviting a lonely Mom over for dinner is another powerful way to lift up anyone when they need you most!
  • Check out this free printable – print and share free compliments to let a Mom or hurting child know they are seen and they are special!
  • Support widows and orphans through the ministry of Both Hands.  This is an incredibly unique opportunity to help an orphaned child find a forever home while helping a widow fix up her home!
  • Visit Operation Beautiful to leave a positive note in a public place for someone who needs to be uplifted, encouraged, comforted, or inspired!  The mission of Operation Beautiful is to post anonymous notes in public places for other people to find. The point is that WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL.
  • Write a simple note of appreciation like this one to mail or even email to any Mom you care about.  That linked example was one I wrote for my own mom and she has read it dozens of times, just in the last year since I wrote it for her.  I think that says alot the power of mere words to demonstrate true appreciation!  😉
  • If there’s a Mom you know who really needs extra time to be loved on, check out these ideas from real Moms on what refuels and refreshes them so they can go back to parenting with a full cup.  I guarantee if you provide her with one of these wishes, she’s sure to think you are the bees knees  😉
  • Above all, let us not forget the power of the most simple encouragement – encouraging words of affirmation go along way towards making any Mom feel appreciated!

Mother's Day Acts of Kindness Ideas

What would you add to this list of ideas to love on those for whom Mother’s Day may be a painful reminder of loss in some way?  Let’s talk about it in the comments!  For now – on to the linkup for bloggers!

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