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Who is Your Hero? Maytag Salutes Heroes Sweepstakes

I met my future husband in the 7th grade and he’s had my heart ever since.  Our kids love hearing stories of how he tried kicking the back of my chair and passing me notes to get my attention.  We were good friends for years before becoming a couple but he never gave up on pursuing me, and still does a great job of pursuing me today!

Though he has many wonderful qualities, his humble-hearted generous nature is what truly won me over – the core of who he is exemplified through the dedication with which he served his country, the way he’d give anyone the shirt off his back, or how he’ll gift a stranger in need a new tire just because he believes in a see a need, fill a need way of life.

Life hasn’t come easy for this man.  He’s never, not once had anything handed to him on a silver platter.  He has sacrificed and struggled more than many but his incredible work ethic, selflessness, and giving heart remain just the same.

He is a hero in my daily life because his example of selfless service inspires me every day.  He models this for our children as well and when I asked who they considered a hero, Daddy was at the top of the list!  This man is an amazing leader and provider for our family and it’s amazing to me to think how his shoes could never be filled nor his role replaced by anyone else.  He is a gift in our lives and a true everyday hero!

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While we all hear about many heroic individuals in the news and social media, we don’t often hear much about the everyday heroes in our own towns who go unrecognized.  But not every super hero wears a cape  😉  Many heroes fly under the radar, doing what they do best – selflessly serving others without expectation of recognition.

This month, hhgregg has partnered with Maytag brand to honor those everyday heroes in our lives. 

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Maytag Salutes Sweepstakes

Vote for Your Favorite Hero

From 5/1 to 5/18, people nominated their personal hero on Twitter or Instagram. Now, everyone can vote for their favorite hero at http://hhgre.gg/1zpdnPs until 5/22. The top seven heroes will receive a Maytag brand appliance of their choice and a $100 hhgregg gift card. hhgregg will also highlight these heroes during the final week of the campaign.

Sounds like an amazing way to honor deserving heroes, right? But it doesn’t stop there! In addition to the hero nominations, hhgregg and Maytag are also having an amazing Maytag Salutes Sweepstakes!

From May 1 thru May 31st, they are giving away $45,000 in Maytag brand appliances! Every day, one winner will be selected to receive one of the following:

At the end of the sweepstakes, they’ll award the following grand prizes:

Visit http://hhgre.gg/1GFCM6Z for a full prize list.

Users can enter up to four times a day through the following methods:

You can share our video on Twitter using # MaytagSalutes and #sweeps to earn one entry per day into the grand prize and daily prize sweepstakes.  Non-winning daily entries do not roll over, so the more you enter, the better your chances!

Please enter the word “FREE” in the sweepstakes entry form to let them know I sent you!

Who is Your Hero? Maytag Salutes Heroes Sweepstakes

Now it’s your turn – tell us about your own personal hero with MaytagSalutes, we’d love to hear from you!