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Do you feel like your family always seems to be running here, there, and everywhere juggling enough activities, sports, and clubs that it’d make your great-grandmother’s eyes pop if she could see what family life looks like today? Try these game night tips!

I know we’ve had lots of those busy seasons where it can feel like getting the whole family together at the dinner table for a sit down family dinner is near impossible.  But that’s exactly why we need to fight for those irreplacable family time moments that make it all worthwhile in the first place!

I know I often have to get creative to bring everyone together at the same time, and I’m always so glad when it works out. For us, family dinner time is one of our best times for family devotions, discussing updates and other needed conversations, and even the occasional treat like family game night.

No matter your stage of life or ages of your kid(s), family game night always seems to be a crowd pleaser for the whole family!  You may only manage to pull it off once in a great while, but you can make it so much easier with a four steps I’m sharing below.  Read on for practical inspiration to plan your next family game night!  🙂

How to Create a Fun & Easy Family Game Night Your Whole Family Will Love!

Have the whole family unplug

We are bombarded with technology of all kinds day in and day out, so why not eliminate distractions for a blissful window of opportunity to concentrate on face time with your family?  You could either turn off the TV, put phones away, or turn them off, OR turn off Wi Fi all together.  Hello focused, goodbye frazzled!

Choose games the whole family can enjoy together

You can’t beat investing in family fun in a box that will last for years!  Check out a few fun games for all ages here: Beat the Parents, HeadBanz, Life, and Clue


Save time with paper products

This will not be the most environmentally conscious readers’ favorite idea, and it’s not a tool in my arsenal I pull out often, but I’m totally down with the time savings it provides once in a while!  Just imagine the sheer bliss of taking the night off from dishes – plus, if it’s the clincher that makes your family night possible, then by all means, indulge!

Bake up a fan favorite dinner

We did pizza in the oven to complete our family game night.  We tend to be pretty health conscious and really want to choose a premium quality pizza when we indulge in this rare treat around here.  So we were stoked to find a new family favorite in DIGIORNO pizzeria!™ thin – with 100% real cheese, premium meats, vegetables picked at the peak of ripeness and have no artificial flavors, you’ll only taste delicious ingredients. The thin crust is drizzled with extra virgin olive oil for a hint of flavor and then topped with a specially-crafted sauce made from scratch using vine-ripened tomatoes, basil, thyme and oregano.  DIGIORNO is so confident you’ll agree that new pizzeria!™ thin is delicious, that it is offering a “Love It Or It’s Free Guaranteed” refund – can’t. beat. that.  😉


So yum!  And this mama was happy that a fix it and forget it type dinner allowed me to actually be present and participate in making memories with my family I wouldn’t trade for anything!  No fancy dinner is worth missing game night for  😉

When’s the last time you’ve planned a family game night with your family?  There’s no time like the present!