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I know people from all over the world find their way to this little blog, but if it is summer where you live – depending on your location and season while reading this, then you may be super excited about summer’s arrival – I know I am!!  As warmer weather breezes in, BBQs, beach trips, and countless hours spent outside in the sun become the norm – huzzah 🙂

Whether your summer plans include travel, trips to the pool, or countless days spent out back playing with your wee ones in the baby pool, it’s time to be thinking of what to have on hand to be prepared for a safe summer of fun in the sun!  I put together a list of what’s in my beach bag, along with a handy printable to share to help make sure you have everything you may need and want!  So let’s compare notes on summer essentials and be sure to share what you would add to this list!

Fun & Functional Beach Bag Essentials to Be Ready for Any Beach or Pool Day!

Small, travel size first aid kit  –  Because life happens everywhere, am I right?! A beach bag must!
Sunglasses or sun hat  – Because cataracts, wrinkles, and skin cancer #nothankyou
Waterproof flip flops  –  You may arrive at the beach or pool in whatever shoes you had on earlier in the day, but it’s always nice to not have to put wet feet back into sneakers or slides. Bring along some flip flops and you are good to go!
Water bottle  – So we all know most kids never want to leave the pool or beach once they’re there. Seems like time usually slips away and people always end up thirstier and hungrier than anticipated. Bring your fave refillable water bottle and be ready for anything
Non-perishable snacks  – Speaking of being ready for anything, if you are taking your family along with you for a day by the water then you’ll likely need few things more than non-perishable snacks in your beach bag!
Dive toys for the kids  – If your kids are old enough to swim and are experienced divers, dive sticks and dive rings are always a crowd pleaser for all ages!
A good book for you and one for the kiddos  –  You’ll be one happy Mama if your kids are said age above and you’re able to look away often enough to sneak in some reading while they’re busy playing. Be sure to bring along your kid(s)’ current fave too – rest breaks are the perfect time to log summer reading minutes or for fun with summer activity books and workbooks.
Big, fluffy beach towels  –  I can’t say I’ve ever brought along such a luxurious beach towel, but just check out the one I linked for you – it comes in multiple bright, summer-y colors!
Hand wipes  –  All purpose hand wipes like these are perfect for cleaning up sunblock spillage, drink spills, or sticky hands after lunch.  Don’t leave home without ’em  😉
Baby powder  –  If you’re lucky enough to be visiting a beach, you may want to bring along some baby powder for a super simple sand fix. I wouldn’t know since I could bathe in sand and be happy, but I hear sprinkling on baby powder is a great way to get the sand off your body (or at least your little one’s body), after a day at the beach!
Spf chapstick  –  Because the rays are hitting your lips too – take this along, remember to apply it, and your lips will thank you!
Sunscreen for face and for body  –  Since discovering these new 100% naturally sourced Neutrogena sunscreens for face and body, they are now some forever favorites!  I love how gentle Neutrogena sun products are on sensitive skin as well as for those with eczema.  Did you know sunburns in children increase the odds of developing skin cancer in later life?  Or that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer, yet only 20% use SPF daily?

It’s so important to educate ourselves and our children about sun safety. As we soak up as much time as possible outdoors with our families, we must also remember the sun soaking in as well, and to keep sunscreen handy for frequent re-application.

FullSizeRender (31)

The NEA has recently awarded its Seal of Acceptance to five Neutrogena Sun products. The five products include

  • NEUTROGENA® Pure & Free® Baby Faces Ultra Gentle Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 45
  • NEUTROGENA® Pure & Free® Baby Sunscreen Stick Broad Spectrum SPF 60
  • NEUTROGENA® Pure & Free® Baby Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 60+
  • NEUTORGENA® Sensitive Skin Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 60+
  • NEUTROGENA® Pure & Free™ Liquid Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50

Neutrogena Sun Care products are available through Walmart both in-store and online. For more information please visit Walmart.com.  If you love them as much as I do, feel free to write a review on the Neutrogena website about sun products that were awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance!

Fun & Functional Beach Bag Essentials to Be Ready for Any Beach or Pool Day!

So what’s in your beach bag?  What do your summer plans look like this year?