Try these fitness hacks to get a workout in throughout a busy day, especially if you have a desk or computer job.

Maybe you work at a desk for most of the day and can only dream of getting your 10,000 steps in any day, let alone every day.  Or maybe you’re a homeschool Mom and blogger like me, spending wayyy too much time sitting on your behind while you work.  Ha!  It adds up, and it’s not too pretty when you think about the effect of all those sedentary hours on your overall health and well-being.

So what’s a girl to do?  When the going gets rough, the tough get going!  If this is you – it’s time to think outside the box on how to make time for fitness, because today I’m sharing my favorite ways to sneak in a workout in as little as five minutes in a day.  I’ve been doing these every chance I get lately, and I can promise you these ideas work!

And you know what?  You are worth it!!  So make like MacGyver and try these 10 brilliant fitness hacks today  🙂

No time to work out? These creative solutions will have you re-thinking what fitness looks like and making the most of your time, no matter how busy your schedule!

10 Brilliant Fitness Hacks to Try Today

Make the most of your time waiting in line

That’s right, squeeze those buns and work those abs!  Did you know you could discreetly do either while literally just standing in line?  It’s that simple – don’t worry I won’t tell  😉

Be a kid again!

My kids have always loved when I act like a kid again, (one of my favorite things to do – I may never grow up)!  Whether I’m jumping on the trampoline with them, dancing in the kitchen, or even shamelessly attempting cartwheels with them – I’m also burning calories!  Win-win  🙂  These are the moments your kids and you will remember!

Get your kids involved

If Mom guilt keeps you from exercising because you’d rather be spending time with your kids, how about inviting them into a new workout routine with you?  This is piggybacking on the idea above – it’s similar, but different.  Just as I mentioned here, I have found that the more I can interest my kids in what I’m doing, the more likely they are to support my efforts and even join me, oftentimes.  When my kids were younger, I often did Family Yoga or Yoga Kids DVDs with them.  Now my youngest gets right in there with me for my Tracey Anderson dance DVD workout and she just joined me for her very first zumba class!

Sit much? Redeem the time

If you find yourself sitting much of the day, making the most of all those hours spent sitting can go along way toward conditioning your body for optimal health. I try to do some seated leg raises to work my quads whenever I’m sitting for long periods of time.  You can do this under desk, sitting on the couch, riding a train, under the dinner table – wherever!

Scrub your floors by hand

Yes, you read that right – hear me out on this one  😉  I just recently tried this when I didn’t have a mop handy and was amazed at what I found on my floor upon closer inspection.  After awhile, my arms burned with glorious multi-tasking mojo and I realized this is awesome – why lift weights when you can work your arms the same but have cleaner floors at the finish?  And you just might discover some dog hair trapped under a fridge while you’re down there too (eww)!

Exercise while you work

If you can work, then you can workout!  They say necessity is the father of invention, right?  Yep – check out these cool inventions designed to make your life easier!  Picture yourself on a standing treadmill desk, fit desk, or working like a ninja on a stability ball desk chair.  Yes please, I’ll take one of each  😉

Turn date night into a workout for two

My husband and I have kept super busy schedules that often keep us passing like ships in the night, for years now.  So whenever we get the chance for date night, we jump on it!  We consider this time alone as a couple to be incredibly important to maintaining a strong, connected marriage.  But date nights don’t always have to look like dinner and a movie – far from it!  My hubby and I love to spend a date day or even morning, afternoon, or evening riding bikes together, hiking, canoeing, or whatever active activity that floats our boat at the time!

Find your passion

You know what they say about how you’ll never work a day in your life if you love what you do?  That applies to exercise too!  If you find that activity, sport, or hobby that makes your heart beat faster in more ways than one, you know you’ve hit on part of what makes you, you. I personally love hiking, canoeing, tennis, rollerblading, ballroom dancing, ballet, and zumba – (among other things), but zumba most of all!  They’re all great ways to burn calories, but every one usually makes me forget I’m even working out because I’m having that much fun!

Take your reading to a whole new level

If most nights find your reading to your kids (or even yourself), that is actually a golden opportunity to practice your side leg lifts, scissor kicks, bicycle legs, and planks – all while lying down reading.  I can promise you, it really is possible – and worth it!  If you have little ones, they may not even notice OR who knows they may even join you!  🙂

Fuel up with a smart snack

Needless to say, if you’re struggling to squeeze in a workout, you may also be challenged by finding the time to prepare healthy foods to fuel your body.  This is so me!  As health conscious as I am overall, if I’m hungry and tired, all bets are off!  So I try to anticipate and know myself well enough to remember I need to keep healthy food on hand, especially for pre and post workout snacking. This literally keeps me in a good cycle where I’m more likely to stay in any kind of fitness routine because it’s way too easy to fall off the healthy choices wagon otherwise.  Can you relate?

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What’re your go-to fitness hacks that keep you committed to some kind of workout routine, no matter how busy life gets?  Always looking for new ideas!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.