Here is a delicious 3 ingredient chocolate strawberry shake! Do you ever have those days where you find yourself famished and fuzzy-headed at 2pm because the day is hurtling by faster than you can seem to catch up?  That’s me, typically at least once a week!

As a homeschooling Mom trying to juggle working from home and managing a household too, I get caught between a rock and a hard place that no doubt, we all do at times.  Yep, I know I’m not the only one who sometimes gets too busy to eat – (I’m looking at you, super Mamas)!  So how can we eat well and nourish our bodies the way they need to be taken care of when life is so busy?

Well, I found a solution that works well for me that I wanted to share with you today!

Young Living recipes

I’ve been a big fan of smoothies for quite awhile now, and since getting our amazing Ninja blender we make our own at home on the daily!  But sometimes I don’t end up making them until after dinner as a dessert smoothie if it’s one of those mornings and I just don’t get to it.  Those are the cereal mornings for the kids, meanwhile I get hungrier and hungrier, having skipped breakfast altogether.

So when I came up with my own little recipe for the most delicious chocolate-strawberry shake I ever did taste, I knew this one would a favorite we returned to again and again since it’s just SO quick to make AND so good for us!

Young Living recipesYoung Living recipes

This recipe will serve 2, with 2 tall cups (approximately)  Feel free to adapt this recipe to your liking  🙂

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