Discover educational TV shows for older kids! For all the ups & downs and bittersweet moments of my kids getting older, no doubt there are so many sweet sides to having kids old enough for lots of things they weren’t ready for just a few years ago.  A recent notable realization in our household is our kids are ready for higher level programming that overlaps with our interest levels as adults.

Now that we have a teenager and a 6th grader, we can make the most of our limited TV time by watching things we can all get interested in.  We don’t get cable so I recently tried to scout out the best of Hulu and Netflix to make sure we were getting good use of our subscriptions.  I found all kinds of good family friendly educational TV shows on both – here are some of our recent favorites that you may want to check out too.

Trying to figure out which shows on Netflix and Hulu are actually worth watching? Check out this list of fun and educational TV shows for older kids you will probably even enjoy too!

Brain Games

About this show: This interactive series uses games, illusions and experiments to illustrate how our brains manufacture our reality and often play tricks on us.

Why we love it: My whole family is fascinated by this show – if only I could express to you just how rare it is to find something we all are equally intrigued by!  My inner psychology buff side totally geeks out on Brain Games  🙂

Food Science

About this show: Sometimes the art of cooking isn’t an art at all, it’s all about science.

Why we love it: I love how much my science and cooking loving 11 year adores this show – this one just never gets old!

Beautiful Places in HD

About this show: Tony Farley describes nature’s most amazing locations on these breathtaking journeys in HD.

Why we love it: We’ve not done much traveling yet in this stage of life and it’s neat to see a bird’s eye view of far off places we may never see or at least won’t be seeing for some time.  It’s fun to expose the kids to a variety of places and spaces to inspire a love for traveling even years before they take to the skies themselves.

Best Parks Ever

About this show: Embark on an unprecedented expedition through over 40 of America’s National Parks. Lonely Planet brings 10 fast-paced adventures that highlight the Best Parks Ever. This series packs together all the amazing activities, vacations, and sites of America’s natural wonders.

Why we love it: Watching this show is like getting to take field trips all over the country for free!  Yes please  🙂

Kids Animated History With Pipo

About this show: In this educational TV series, Kid’s Animated History With Pipo presents The Time Compass. Journey in time through the great cultures and civilizations of human history. Join your guide Pipo, in this hilarious animated series and adventure everywhere from Ancient Egypt to Classical Greece to early India

Why we love it: We haven’t seen this one yet but I’m thinking my history buff child will love it as she does most any history book or show, and I’m hoping the humor will keep my youngest one engaged.

Bindi’s Bootcamp

About this show: A children’s game show hosted by Bindi Irwin. Three teams of two compete, by completing three wildlife themed challenges, which will test their knowledge and stamina.

Why we love it:  This show appeals to my youngest’s competitive nature.  Though both my kids will watch this, Emma will watch it far longer than Natalie due to Emma’s endless ability to channel her inner drive & determination and live vicariously through the show’s contestants  😉

Disney Parks

About this show: Think you know the Disney Parks? It is all here… the secrets, the stories and the magic of the places where dreams come true. Take a tour of Disney’s most amazing parks, resorts, rides and cruises.

Why we love it: Because, Disney.  Enough said!

Drive Thru History

About this show: Emphasizing the positive role that Christianity played in the development of Western civilization, this fast-and-furious series hosted by Dave Stotts takes viewers on a journey through the sites and cultures of ancient Greece, Rome and Asia Minor.

Why we love it: We LOVE the integration of Christian history into this engaging, well-rounded TV program!

Horrible Histories

About this show: Based on the best-selling books for kids (and for adults, but they just won’t admit it), Horrible Histories is an energetic, surprising and unconventional take on history’s most gruesome, unpleasant yet funniest moments.

Why we love it:  The upbeat, oddball nature of this show appeals to our family full of silly, irreverent personalities  🙂

Master Chef Jr.

About this show: A new culinary competition series for talented kids between the ages of eight and 13 who love to cook, with the winner receiving a $100,000 prize.

Why we love it: My kids find this show fast-paced, engaging, fun, and funny. They even walk away inspired to cook like never before – win-win!

Fun and Educational TV Shows for Older Kids

Most kids watch at least some TV each week – hope you found some ideas to help your kids redeem the time with quality programming.

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