Style your chambray to successfully transition with the seasons! So it’s October now which means we are transitioning seasons in my corner of the Northern Hemisphere. Summer is my favorite time of year, so I’m always super sad to see it go. But my attitude about it is still my choice!

So though I am seemingly surrounded by Fall lovers everywhere – I’ve jokingly told myself, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! ????  I’ve been easing the transition into Fall by embracing that which I can find to love about it.  Long, cozy knee socks, backyard bonfires, and finding ways to introduce a little color into the traditionally muted tones of the colder months always make me smile!

I’ve finally embraced this whole chambray shirt/dress fall fashion trend… Why? Turns out this seems to be the perfect material for transitional pieces. My former self would never have guessed I’d be all about it now, mostly because I gravitate towards COLOR! ???? But I’ve found that’s just it – you can mix chambray pieces with colorful skirts, accessories, what have you, and hallelujah – fashion perfection!  Here are my favorite ways to wear it year round, on the cheap  🙂

How to Style Your Chambray to Transition Through the Seasons

Spring & Summer to Fall & Winter

My Mom spontaneously snapped this picture of my girls and me.  We didn’t even plan to all be twinning on this particular day.  Ha!  I’m wearing the chambray dress I found on end of season clearance for $8.99 from Target.

I would never have thought this would be something I’d choose, (let alone a permanent go-to), but I loved making it work for Summer weather with deliciously colorful summer-y accessories.

How to style chambray to transition through the seasonsHow to style chambray to transition through the seasons

Fall & Winter to Spring & Summer

Same dress, different styling for a different season. Now that Fall is fully underway, I am transitioning a Summer dress with a different look that can last all the way through Fall or even Winter.  When it gets even colder, I’ll just add tights underneath these boots and pair it with my long, black, hooded sweater. Perfect for sweater weather!

How to style chambray to transition through the seasons

This chambray shirt is also a Target clearance find. Here’s a similar one – you just can’t beat $8.38!  Check out how it can be paired with a pop of color and statement necklace.  Bottom line – denim doesn’t have to be relegated to boring basics. Don’t be afraid to experiment and make it work for you!

How to style chambray to transition through the seasons

Do you shy away from chambray like I used to or do you make it work for you, regardless of the season?  I’ll leave you with one of my (many) favorite quotes!

“Where ever you go, No matter what the weather, Always bring your own Sunshine” ~ Anthony J. D’Angelo