Is there anything better than a super simple healthy snack, right when you need it most?  Well, yes – but any foodie would agree, it’s up there with life’s greatest pleasures  😉

One day my oldest daughter came home from school absolutely ravenous.  We just happened to have four ingredients that turned out to go together just perfectly to create the snack of her dreams!

It was one of those recipe wins where you know you lucked out, but you’re not even sure how. We’ve always loved meat, cheese, and veggie roll-ups around here but I decided to spontaneously branch out with this unique roll-up.

Here’s how you put together this clean eating, easy snack!

Super simple snack idea for kids

Ingredients for the Super Simple Snack Idea for Kids

  • hormone free, antibiotic free, preservative free lunch meat
  • preservative free, natural dill pickle spears
  • mayonnaise (we love Sir Kensington’s because it’s all natural)


Simply coat your lunch meat with a thin layer of mayonnaise, lay a pickle in the center of the meat, and roll it up so that the meat covers your pickle on all sides!  You could add cheese to this if you want to, but we didn’t only because it’s fun to try something new once in awhile and this snack really doesn’t even need it.  It’s that good all on it’s own  🙂

Enjoy and let me know if you decide to try it!  We’d love to hear if you and your kids love it too  🙂

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Super simple snack idea for kids