Tis the season for holiday acts of kindness!  Have you ever noticed that more people tend to take notice of the need for giving and volunteerism around the holidays?  There’s just something about Thanksgiving and Christmas that inspires many people to look outside of themselves and put the focus on others.  But what if we all adopted a more selfless mindset to prioritize helping others as a way of life, year round?

This is a topic close to my heart, so I am currently working on several books to publish someday.  I am writing a children’s books series to help encourage, equip, and empower kids to make a difference right where they’re at.  🙂  I’m also planning a book for bloggers to inspire them to use their online influence for good!  It will be called, “Blogging for Good” – inspired by the community of blogger advocates we’ve created at Blogging for Good on Facebook.  Feel free to join us – it’s open to all!

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I often write here on the blog about the importance of giving back and helping others as these are topics I’m passionate about and deeply committed to!  This is what lies at the heart of the new Chain of Betters project. It’s an idea that empowers people with the opportunity to change the lives of others. As money moves around the world, creating a chain of good deeds, together we can start to change lives in ways we wouldn’t have imagined was possible. This isn’t just saying money moves for better. This is proving it, together.

That’s why I can totally get behind Western Union’s social Chain of Betters campaign 100%, y’all.  This is an initiative that encourages a chain of selfless deeds individuals can do to help impact others for good. Western Union believes that when money moves, better things happen. A business expands. A family connects. A child goes to college. Emergency aid arrives the moment it’s needed. An economy prospers, an opportunity opens, a community heals.

Moving money for better means moving money for a better world – creating value for individuals, businesses, and for society.  We do this together every day. The money sent by Western Union customers can help to stimulate economies and make individuals’ lives more rewarding and fulfilled.

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What are your ways to show acts of kindness?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.