So if you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed it’s been a little quieter than usual here on the blog lately.  Business has been booming in one of my little home businesses as Young Living grows by tens of thousands per month across the globe. That’s kept me quite busy on my end of things!  I’m amazed and grateful for all the changes it’s brought for my family we never could have dreamed of – our health & wellness, finances, friendships, and more have all seen unexpected blessings we never imagined less than a year ago!

Even huge holidays like Christmas don’t feel as complicated as they once were on the logistical end of things.  This year my girls and I got our craft on as we made almost all DIY Christmas gifts for family and friends!  It’s been so fun and such a great learning experience for us all!  {If I just lost you but you’d like to learn just what essential oils actually are, click here}

We also got a little caught up in 3 new babies we brought home recently …. our baby kittens we adopted from a local rescue a few weeks ago.  Our original intention was to adopt two kittens (they do so much better together with a playmate), but long story short, we ended up bringing home all 3 siblings from the litter as we just couldn’t leave the other behind!


It’s been hilarious and heartwarming watching these three roughhouse, wrestle, and explore together.  They play hard and they sleep hard!  All four of us have been catching ourselves getting lost in watching them to the point nothing feels quite as necessary anymore when they act like this!

What is it about having new kittens around that make it so hard to get anything else done? Haha! Reminds me a bit of new babies!  It was so fun to bring them home at Christmastime and watch them explore all things Christmas around the house  😉  I got a little picture-happy and decided to start the kittens up their own Instagram account just for fun to share pictures so our friends and family could watch them grow too – you can find it here!

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We also love watching them play with the most unexpected items they see as cat toys  😉  Who would have thought bouncy balls, rubberbands (the bigger ones they can’t choke on), streamers, balloons, tissue paper, tulle netting, and all kinds of other everyday items would be an even bigger hit than the fancy cat toys we have around?!


We also had a recent vacation and birthday party I’ll be sharing about this week!  What’s new in your world?  How was your Christmas?