Have you seen the little tutorial on how to create your own unique vision board here on She Lives Free?  They’re so fun to make and though I haven’t created one for 2016 yet, I’m feeling grateful for the ups and the downs of 2015 and expectant & envisioning God working in mighty ways this year!


I thought it’d be fun to share what’s ahead for the blog and invite you to share what you’re excited about for this year – (I always love hearing from you)!

Thanks to a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of grace,  I’ve been able to continue homeschooling even as my Young Living business grows – that is the business endeavor which has consumed more of my time than any other lately, but I’m continuing to work on other projects while I attempt to maintain this blog as well, (some weeks a little more frequently than others)  😉

Young Living premium starter kit deal

My two biggest goals for 2015, launching solopreneurstartup.com and kicking off my coaching and consulting business, ultimately needed to be slow rolled a bit as my Young Living business took off faster than I would have ever dreamed!

However, I’m excited to finally be in the process of planning the website for the Solopreneur Startup Lounge right now with my amazing designer and assistant, Samantha (did I mention she’s amazing)?IMG_8461

Though I have had my first coaching clients, I am not actively sharing or marketing this business in any way as I juggle all else currently on my plate.  For example …. I’ve just opened up a little store through the Teachers Pay Teachers platform!

Are you familiar with it? It’s really a fantastic way for teachers and homeschool parents, (and really any parent) to find low cost, high quality materials to supplement the education of their students and kiddos.  You can find my new store there at Learn, Live, Love!

IMG_8432So far I’ve only uploaded the same printables that are already available for free to subscribers of She Lives Free, but not every one chooses to subscribe via email of course, so I’m happy that this allows for multiple options.  I’m also looking forward to expanding my resources offered on my TPT store soon.


Know any teachers or parents who’d appreciate character education or quote printables like these?  Be a dear and point them in the direction of Learn, Live, Love?  You’ll have my heart forever!  xoxo

What’s new with you?  What are you dreaming over and planning for 2016?