Are you as excited about Spring as I am?  And to think, Summer’s just around the corner!  Every year, I look forward to the warmer weather, budding trees, blooming flowers, and fresh fruits and vegetables sprouting up.  But that fresh produce isn’t so easy to come by sometimes – we’ve all been there, right?


Whether it’s strawberries starting to mold before they ever even leave the store or the cucumber you meant to eat sooner that got stuck under all the other groceries you brought home from your last trip to your local superstore, sometimes food spoils well before we’d otherwise get to eat it!

What’s a busy, frugal Mom to do?  There is a better way …. enter, City Seed Delivery!  This is a new company in the Dayton area delivering organic produce including: local farm raised meats, organic vegetables, local dairy, local honey… you name it, straight to your doorstep.  I mean, can you even imagine the utter convenience?!

A few weeks ago, City Seed Delivery dropped off their newest addition, The Veggie Box! Look at all this glorious goodness  🙂  Here’s some of what we found inside!

IMG_9846 IMG_9850

So if you are local to Dayton, be sure to head over to City Seed Delivery to check out all the amazing options they have created to make your life easier!  To celebrate Spring and allll the wonderful things like this that come with it, grab a free printable download here below  🙂

Free Spring printable quote